What Should Be Changed To Make The Following Sentence True? ""the Central Tenet Of Gestalt Psychology (2023)

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Answer 1


Pattern should be changed to Whole


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Professor Gordon finds that students who read newspapers daily display more knowledge of current events than students who do not read newspapers daily. What type of evidence does this identification of a cause of behavior exemplify? A. Cognitive awareness B. Temporal precedence of cause C. Covariation of cause and effect D. Elimination of alternative explanations



C. Covariation of cause and effect


When there are two variables and it is established that one variable is the cause and the other variable is the effect, the process of establishing this is known as covariation of cause and effect.

Here, the variables are the students who read newspaper and the knowledge they posses. It can be seen that those who read newspaper have more knowledge. The cause and effect relation has been established.

Hence, the question is referring to covariation of cause and effect.

Joy Fruit Juices took the help of a company called Innovators Inc. to create and produce the communication message for its products and in return paid them a sum of $20,000 as compensation. However, the final decisions regarding the advertising and promotional program to be employed rest with Joy Fruit Juices. In the given scenario, Innovators is a(n)


Answer:Advertising Agency

Explanation:The main role of an advertising agency is to come up with creative advertising strategies and marketing plans that can actual cater to your particular business , product and brand.Advertising agency is the one who will push the objective of your business and invent cost effective strategies that will meet your business needs and effectively reach your customers.

NW Inc. specializes in buying radio, television, and newspaper space at discounted rates. Yummy Foods approaches NW Inc. for purchase of newspaper space at less than market rate. NW's personnel help Yummy Foods with the planning of their media strategies. However, they do not perform any other functions. In this scenario, NW Inc. is an example of a(n)



media specialist company


Based on the information provided within the question it can be said that in this scenario NW Inc. would be considered as a media specialist company. This term refers to a company or business that specializes in promoting another company's (client) company, plan or idea using the connections and platforms that they have available to them. Which is what NW Inc. is doing for Yummy Foods.

In an experiment investigating the hypothesis that aerobic exercise improves concentration and memory, all the participants had an equal chance of being assigned to any of the three conditions in the study. The researchers have used _____ to minimize the possibility of bias when assigning participants to the different groups.


Answer: Random assignment

Explanation: Random assignment is an experimental technique used for eliminating placement or assignment bias in a research study. By applying random assignment technique in the scenario given, it gives all the participants an equal chance or opportunity to be placed in any of the three groups or condition in the study. Random assignment eliminates the possible placement bias which might influence the experiment if the participant were manually assigned to the different groups.

In a study on the effects of caffeine on memory, participants drank a bottle of tasteless water containing 100, 50, or 0 milligrams of caffeine. Neither the researcher who handed out the bottled water nor the study participants knew whether the water contained caffeine or not. This is an example of a _____ study.


Answer:A double-blind study

Explanation:A double-blind study occurs when an experiment is carried out in a way that neither the experimenter nor the participants know what kind of treatment they are recieving. This is crucial in order to eliminate bias results from that experiment. This research bias may be due to the placebo effect(this is an effect caused by a non drug or non medical substance such as a sugar pill) .

Which president nominated g harrold to the united states supreme court


President Nixon is the president who nominated him.

Answer: Richard Nixon


Through an unexpected appointment, G. Harrold Carswell secured nomination on January 19, 1970, to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court. The appointment by President RICHARD M. NIXON came a mere six months after Carswell was named to the federal appeals court.

_________ is legislation was used by roosevelt to file 44 antitrust suits.



Sherman Antitrust Act.


Franklin D. Roosevelt was the 32nd President of the United a States of America. Franklin D. Roosevelt was born on the 30th of January in the year 1882 in New York, United States of America, and, he died on the 12th day of April 1945 in Georgia, United States of America.

Franklin D. Roosevelt used the Sherman Antitrust Act to file 44 antitrust suits. The act was named after John Sherman -- a United States of America Senator. The Sherman Antitrust Act is the act for the regulation of commerce.

As you walk barefoot in the park, your nose conveys to your brain the smell of the freshly cut grass, your skin sends information about the feel of the gentle breeze, and your ears transmit the sound of children laughing on the playground to your auditory cortex. This process of acquiring "raw data" about the stimuli in the environment is called _____.


Answer: Sensation

Explanation: Sensation could be defined as an individual's mental ability to notice or detect an external or internal stimulation of the sensory organs. The basic sensory organs which includes the skin, nose, eyes, ear and tongue receives external stimulus, which is then transduced or converted into electrical impulses which travels to the appropriate part of the brain for decoding.

In the scenario above, the nose, skin and ear receives external stimulus or 'raw data' which is converted into electrical impulses and transmitted to the brain for decoding.

Li, a sociologist, conducts a study on the most common causes of absenteeism among the students enrolled in the universities of California. She conducts a survey among the students of many different universities of California in order to strengthen her confidence in the results. In this scenario, Li is trying to ensure the _____ factor of her study.A) ​complexity B) ​probability
C) ​validity
D) ​reliability
E) ​nonprobability



The answer if this question is E

In his experiment, Duncan Watts created a website where respondents could rate songs. His sample size was 14,341 respondents. If Watts selected a new sample of 14,341 different respondents and their average ratings of each song were significantly different than the first sample, what problem would Watts’s research suffer from?



C. low reliability


Based on the information provided within the question it can be said that in this scenario Watt's research is most likely suffering from low reliability. This term refers to when samples of a research study are quite different from one another, thus not being very reliable. Which is exactly what is happening in this scenario since the few samples he picked out turned out to be very different from one another.

In his classic experiment, John B. Watson paired a rat with a loud noise to induce a fear response in a little boy. Eventually, after pairing the rat and the noise together often enough, the little boy only had to see the rat to become fearful. This is an example of how _____ can potentially cause a phobia. Please choose the correct answer from the following choices, and then select the submit answer button.


Answer:Classical conditioning

Explanation:Classical conditioning is how we learn through associating environmental stimulus with certain responses. This is based on Behaviorism perpective , which is driven by learning through interacting with our environment and how that environment affect our behavior.

Classical conditioning occurs from a natural signal which triggers a natural reflex , natural signal being an unconditioned stimulus which triggers natural response. The neutral signal (previous neutral stimulus ) get associated with unconditioned stimulus and then it will become a conditioned stimulus which will trigger the same effect that is triggered by an Unconditioned stimulus.

Why does culture establish the standard by which quality of life is measured?



This because culture generally portrays our way of life. It depicts the way we eat which includes the food, dress, communicate, religion, songs and dance and how we live.


You have recently been made a department head of the new regional office. In getting to know your departmental staff, you have noticed that one of your inexperienced employees is not following through on assigned tasks. She is enthused about her new job and wanted to get ahead in the organization. Which alternative represents the most effective style for the situation? define the steps necessary to complete the assigned tasks and monitor her performance frequently (S1) T/F



Explanation:When someone is new at their job they may feel thrilled to get ahead that they may start to just move over everything so fast without paying much consideration sometimes due to the lack of experience.

This person still needs guidance so as the supervisor you may need to actual define clear steps that they will need to follow in order to finish their assigned tasks this will ensure that they don't just skip everything and runs ahead and it will help to monitor their progress in order to help them see where they stumble.

Kevin conducted a study on whether the length of the line at a local Starbucks affected how well the customers enjoyed their coffee after receiving it. Malcolm conducted the study at his local Starbucks, and found the same results. Kevin’s study had a high level of _________.a) Literacy b) Reliability
c) Interpretation
d) Validity


We can say that based on the fact that the study was repeated and gave the same result, it has a high level of d. Validity.

What is research validity?

  • It means that the result of the research properly explains the problem it purported to explain.
  • Leads to the same or similar results being found if the study is repeated.

With Malcom having conducted the same study and finding the same result, we can say that Kevin's research was very valid.

In conclusion, option d is correct.

Find out more on research validity at brainly.com/question/5078914.

Answer:b) Reliability

Explanation:The term reliability in psychological research is a term used to determine if that research study is consistent in measuring what it is meant to measure. This means it can be trusted all the time when it used that it will give the same results as if did when it was used before.

For example, Kevin conducted the same research and got the same results each time he did the same research , this means the results are consistent.

Kathy Bates has just moved into a condominium complex of 60 units. The complex has a swimming pool, and a management company takes care of the upkeep of the outside of the property. The monthly cost for pool maintenance, grass cutting, tree trimming, private street maintenance, and the newly-updated clubhouse is currently $400.00 a month. Each year, the cost of such services increases, as do the costs for necessary repairs as the buildings get older. This year, new roofs are in order for all of the buildings. The condominium association, which is made up of the owners of the property, decides that, in order to cover the increase in costs, and to replace the roofs on the property, they must pass a(n): a. Ad valorem tax.
b. Special assessment.
c. General real estate tax.
d. Any of the above.



They must pass a "Special assessment."


Special assessments are charges imposed contrary to a specific stuff that will gain a profit from a community scheme. They classically comprise of substructure enhancements such as new roads, street lights, or sewer, storm water, and water networks to the public supply. Special assessments more naturally are used for the extraordinary expenditure of a plan that benefits the community. For example, a town might levy a special assessment tax to build a public recreation center or a park. The tax is intended to last for a set number of years.

A researcher has asked you and your family to participate in a study of depression. Each member is given a checklist and asked questions about themselves and other family members. Which type of study is most closely associated with the method outlined in this example?


Answer:The family history method,

Explanation:The family history method, is the method in which participants are questioned about their history of psychiatric illness relatives which is useful method in psychiatric research or study. This is done in order to evaluate the influence of family history on psychiatric illness

One of the assumptions made using cpm is that project activity sequence relationships can be specified and networked. True or False





Monica received a promotion at work that requires her to relocate. Because of the timing of her promotion, she’ll need to buy a new house in her new city before her current one is sold. So, she won’t have any equity from her current home to make a down payment on the new house. What loan option would allow her to make the purchase before selling the old house?



A bridge loan.


A short-term loan that helps give the loaners the money to help buy a home, before they sell their current home.

John is a student of sociology. He decides to dress as if he is a homeless person and goes to the local downtown library to "hang out" with the homeless to gather data for a research project. John is using which of these research methods to collect his data?a. comparative research. b. secondary data analysis. c. participant observation. d. quantitative methods.


Answer: c) participant observation.


Participant observation is the qualitative research mechanism through which researchers get involved in the research activity along with the participants for studying and observing.It gives comprehensive understanding to researcher.It is usually carried out in field of sociology and anthropology.

According to the question,John is using participant observation as he is becoming a part of research along with homeless people to keenly observe the process and collect data on basis of that.

Other options are incorrect because secondary data analyzation, comparative research and qualitative technique are not used by investigator to become a part of research along with participants.Thus,the correct option is option(c).

Jared was questioning a suspect using the Reid technique, and after a long and exhausting interrogation, the suspect falsely confessed to the crime just to put an end to the interrogation. When hearing this confession, Jared felt even more confident that the suspect was guilty. This is an illustration of the phenomenon that psychologists call_____________.


Answer: Confirmation bias


Confirmation bias is the method through which already-exiting personal believe is confirmed on basis of new evidence and data.This searched information in form of evidence favors and strengthens the belief of the person and thus it is considered appropriate.

According to the question, scenario of the investigation is describing about confirmation bias as due to extreme investigation done by Jared made the suspect falsely agree to the crime.In this way ,Jared got strength on the belief that suspect is the criminal because of the information(confession) he got from suspect.


What Should Be Changed To Make The Following Sentence True? ""the Central Tenet Of Gestalt Psychology? ›

What should be changed to make the following sentence true? "The central tenet of Gestalt psychology is that the pattern is different from the sum of its parts." The word "pattern" should be changed to the word "whole."

What is the central tenet of Gestalt psychology? ›

The central tenet of Gestalt psychology is that the whole is different from the sum of its parts. What does this mean in the context of perception? This means that perception cannot be understood completely simply by combining the parts.

Which statement is true of Gestalt psychology? ›

Which statement about Gestalt psychology is true? Gestalt psychology is based on the idea that the whole differs from the sum of its parts.

What is one of Gestalt psychology's main principles quizlet? ›

Gestalt theorists followed the basic principle that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

What does Gestalt psychology focus on quizlet? ›

gestalt psych definition. - the type of psychology that studies whole, intact segments of behavior and cognitive experience. - was intended to be a complete school of psychology, not just a branch specialized for the study of perception. spatial forms (pattern, form, configuration)

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