Self-serving Bias Can Be Adaptive In That It A. Enables Us To Exhibit Realistic Optimism About Our Futures. (2023)

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A) allows us to savor the good things that happen in our lives


Self-serving bias: In psychology, the term self-serving bias is defined as the propensity of an individual to attribute negative outcomes or events to external cause and therefore attribute positive outcomes or events to some internal cause or his or her character in his or her life. It is often considered as a cognitive bias in social psychology.

Example: Athletes win a particular game and attributed that their win is due to the hard work and practice they have done.

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The Code of Sumerians was a listing of 282 laws that regulated a wide variety of behaviors, including business dealings, personal behavior, interpersonal relations, and punishments. A. True
B. False


The correct option is B.

It is a False statement.


History reveals that Sumer is the earliest known civilization of southern Mesopotamia followed between 4100-1750 BCE. The Sumerians were people of southern Mesopotamia.

282 laws was one of the earliest written legal codes. This law is made to maintain justice among the people. 282 laws influence the laws made by Hebrew scribes.

The "Hammurabi code of laws" established standards for commercial interactions like business dealing and set fines and punishments to maintain justice. Personal behavior and interpersonal relations of the Sumerians were regulated under 282 laws.

Why did the apostles and early disciples travel so far and work so hard to spread the good news?


I don’t know the answer sorry ask someone else

Lawrence Summers served as secretary of the treasury in the Clinton administration and as director of National Economic Council in the Obama administration. He has been quoted as giving the following moral defense of the economic approach. ​"There is nothing morally unattractive about​ saying: We need to analyze which way of spending money on health care will produce more benefit and which​ less, and using our money as efficiently as we can. I​ don't think there is anything immoral about seeking to achieve environmental benefits at the lowest possible​ costs." ​Source: David​ Wessel, "Precepts from Professor​ Summers," Wall Street Journal​, October​ 17, 2002. It would be more moral to reduce​ pollution, A. taking the cost into account because the total cost of reducing pollution is likely enormous. B. taking the cost into account because reducing pollution often reduces economic growth. C. not taking the cost into account because pollution is potentially harmful to our health. D. taking the cost into account because money spent on pollution reduction is not available for other worthy activities. E. not taking the cost into account because pollution reduction is typically associated with large benefits.



The correct option is D: taking the cost into account because money spent on pollution reduction is not available for other worthy activities


According to Lawrence Summers analysis, every spend for healthcare needs to be beneficial to the economy at the lowest possible cost. Hence looking at it from his point of view, it would be more moral to reduce pollution, looking at the cost of doing this. This is because there are other aspects that need money and if this money is spent on pollution without considering other areas, then there would not be enough money available for other worthy activities.

Isabella continually refers to ""Kyle"" in what often proves to be lengthy tangents regarding her college years. The name itself evokes a high degree of passion. The group leader can/should: a. Cut off the conversation as being irrelevant b. Ask the counselee politely to return to the ""here and now"" c. Ask the counselee how this person relates to present issues d. Ask the counselee to break confidentiality in order to discuss personal aspects of Kyle

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The correct answer is C: Ask the counselee how this person relates to the present issues


As a counselor, you want to know everything about a counselee so as to understand the best possible therapy for such person. Isabella is a counselee and mentions Kyle in a passionate way whenever she talks about him. In this light, it is important for the group leader to understand how Kyle relates to the present issue, whether he is the cause, or he might be the one that can help. Nonetheless, it is important to ask the counselee how Kyle relates to the present issue.

The idea that no age period dominates development highlights the life-span perspective that development is Select one: a. plastic. b. lifelong. c. contextual. d. multidimensional.



b. lifelong.


The idea that no age period dominates development highlights the life-span perspective that development is lifelong.

Throughout the history of humans, from the stone age, the dark ages, the middle ages down to the information age, there has been significant developments. From development of tools in the stone age, architectural developments and arts that characterized the middle age down to internet technology of the 21st century. Human development is lifelong.

Which of the following is the first step in the process of management by objectives? a. Reviewing progress regularly b. Collectively selecting goals c. Jointly developing tactical plans d. Discussing possible goals



The correct answer is D: Discuss possible goals


In 1954, Peter Drucker introduced the concept of management by objectives. His aim was to use goals to improve performance of people instead of controlling them. However, middle managers often use MBO for the development and execution of tactical plans. The first step in this process is to discuss possible goals. This is followed by collectively selecting goals consistent with the overall goals of the organization. This is followed by developing tactical plans and lastly reviewing progress.

After a woman trashed the ward of an institution, the behavior analyst required that she make the ward even better and cleaner than before. Relative to the woman's behavior what was the technical name for the procedure or contingency?



The technical name is overcorrection.


Overcorrection is a type of punishment applied to modify an unwanted behavior. In the case mentioned in the question, we have what is called restitutional overcorrection. The person who has performed the unwanted behavior is asked to restore things not to their original state, but to an improved state. Imagine a student draws an explicit picture on a blackboard at school. If he is asked to erase not only that board, but all the boards in the school as punishment, that is restitutional overcorrection. It is exactly what happened to the woman. She was not only asked to restore the ward, but to restore it better and cleaner than before.

Self-fulfilling expectations are most likely to be triggered by


The Self-fulfilling expectations are most likely to be triggered by stereotype threat because its involves an expectation as well.

What is a Self-fulfilling expectation?

A Self-fulfilling expectation are also called a Self-fulfilling prophecy.

A Self-fulfilling prophecy refers to the expectation for the behavior of another person which serves actually to bring about the prophesied or expected behavior.

Most time, the Self-fulfilling expectations are most likely to be triggered by stereotype threat because its involves an expectation as well.

Read more about Self-fulfilling

Answer:Stereotype threat

Explanation:Stereotype threat refers to a difficult situation whereby an individual feels like there are at a risk of actual living up to stereotypes about their social group.

Stereotype threat is what lead to a academic gaps that occurs due to racial and gender gaps because individuals start to actual believe that they can perform well because they are a particular gender or race.

This means the person let their performance actual confirms a negative stereotype about them.

Stereotype threat are driven by particular situations rather than individual traits or personality.

Self-fulfilling prophecy refers to an expectation that one has about a particular situation and because of what's they alread expect as an outcome, they will start to actual act that way which will at the end will prove their belief to be true.

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Which three of these issues did Europe face after the war?


Answer: Three issues did Europe face after the war was worldwide pandemic, communism in Russia, and dislocated refugees


A,C, and E


Tolman's rats learned to run the maze simply by "hanging out" in it. They received no rewards for learning the maze. When they were able to run the maze just as fast, or faster than rats that were trained with operant procedures, Tolman presented his findings as evidence for the existence of


Answer: mental maps


Philosophers say that propositional knowledge has three necessary and sufficient conditions: To know a proposition, (1) you must believe it,
(2) it must be true, and
(3) you must have


Answer: good reasons for believing it true.

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It must be true........

A counselor meets with a client who is wearing the traditional garb associated with a particular religious group. The counselor holds a negative view of this group’s beliefs in certain matters. The counselor must, as a first step: a. Make the counselee aware of the biases that exist b. Dismiss himself or herself as a potential counselor for the client c. Become aware of and explore the potential reasons for the bias d. Set his or her biases aside



b. Dismiss himself or herself as a potential counselor for the client


A counselor meets with a client who is wearing the traditional garb associated with a particular religious group. The counselor holds a negative view of this group’s beliefs in certain matters. The counselor must, as a first step dismiss himself or herself as a potential counselor for the client

The best approach will be for the counselor to dismiss his or herself as a potential counselor of the client because since there is already a bias, the counselor will not be objective in carrying out his or her professional responsibility towards the client. Biases are as a result of subjection, personal opinions which are not professional.

What is the constitutional principle illustrated by the division of the national government into three branches?



Separation of powers- the central government is is divided among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches.

What concept is defined as the value, or satisfaction, that people derive from the goods and services they consume and the activities they pursue?



This is the concept of Utility. It defines the satisfaction one person gets after consuming a particular amount of good or service. Itsvery useful and important concept of basics in Economics. It helps in decision making to get the optimum use of a particular good/service to get teh maximum satisfaction. As we know wants are unlimited and resources are limited, so using this concept things can improved and achieved.

When preparing to take an MTA exam, after you schedule the exam, what should you do before taking the real exam?


MTA exam:

This exam tests essential math abilities, intelligent thinking aptitudes, issue affectability, and verbal thinking abilities, among others. Since the inquiries are of a wide range of types, it is useful to rehearse previously to pinpoint your qualities and shortcomings. The bundle incorporates 2 printed version tests containing 150 inquiries regarding MTA BUS OPERATOR EXAM FOR NYC, METROPOLITAN TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY FOR NEW YORK TEST PREP.

The training test incorporates 100 inquiries and the post-test contains an extra 50 inquiries. You will have 50 minutes to finish your MTA Certification test. Normal MTA New York City Transit Cleaner yearly compensation in the United States is roughly $36,616, which is 23% over the national normal. Pay data originates from 6 information focuses gathered legitimately from workers, clients, and over a wide span of time work ads on Indeed in the previous three years.

Why do many economists believe that there was a housing bubble in the United States between 2000 and​ 2005?



Because housing prices were rising at a very rapid rate during these years.

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Which theory would argue that there is not a unifying "grand narrative" of history because history itself is not objective, but rather socially constructed?




Large-scale migration occurred in South Asia after 1947 primarily because of the a boat people. b failure of the monsoon rains. c new mobility provided by railway construction. d communist victory. e separation of religious groups.



that will be e.)separation of religious groups.

When conducting psychological research, a __________ is any situation that can change or fluctuate over time.





As it's name suggests, a variable is something (like the exercise indicates could be a situation) that can change or fluctuate over time. This plays a critical role in psychological research given that many changes might occur during a research or an experiment and understanding and finding the variables is key as they can change or fluctuate over time. This would allow a better understanding as to how something evolves into something else.

Successful intelligence requires analytical, practical, and creative skills. Question 16 options: 1) True 2) False



1) True


Successful intelligence: The term successful intelligence is referred to as an individual's capability to accomplish or set personal goals of his or her life with respect to his or her cultural context. Successful intelligence involves an individual's mental processes via analytic, creative, and practical ways of thinking about something.

The theory related to successful intelligence was proposed by Dr. Sternberg and he believed that an individual should maintain a balance between these three aspects to encounter a successful intelligence.

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According to current scientific understanding, life on Earth (a) was exceedingly improbable; (b) arose quite soon after conditions allowed it; (c) may have been inevitable, but took billions of years to develop. Which one of the following is a weak acid? (a) H2SO4 (b) HF (c) HCl (d) HBr (e) HI A refrigerator cools by evaporating liquefied dichlorodifluoromethane, CCl2F2. How many kilograms of this liquid must be evaporated to freeze a tray of water at 0 °C to ice at 0 °C? The mass of the water is 525 g, the heat of fusion of ice is 6.01 kJ mol–1 , and the heat of vaporization of dichlorodifluoromethane is 17.4 kJ mol–1 uipment with a book value of $65,300 and an original cost of $133,000 was sold at a loss of $14,000. Paid $89,000 cash for a new truck. Sold land costing $154,000 for $198,000 cash, yielding a gain of $44,000. Long-term investments in stock were sold for $60,800 cash, yielding a gain of $4,150. 1. Look in your atlas for a map of the Middle East. What is the distance in miles between Cairo, Egypt and Istanbul, Turkey? (precision to nearest whole number) Show your work. A shoe manufacturer is producing at a point where its marginal costs are $5 and its fixed costs are $5000. At the current price of $10 it is producing 500 pairs. If the demand goes down, such that they can now only charge $8 per pair, should they continue production in the short run?a. No because price has fallenb. Yes because price is still higher than marginal costsc. No because price is lower than average costd. Yes because price is higher than marginal costs The U.S. Transportation Command, U.S. Special Operations Command, and U.S. Strategic Command comprise the _____. a. geographic combatant commands b. functional combatant commands c. Service component commands d. functional component commands Last year Rain Repel Corporation had an ROA of 5 percent and a dividend payout ratio of 90 percent. What is the internal growth rate? 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Senff Corporation uses the following activity rates from its activity-based costing to assign overhead costs to products: Activity Cost Pools Activity Rate Setting up batches $ 84.00 per batch Processing customer orders $ 75.15 per customer order Assembling products $ 10.46 per assembly hour ICS AND EQU Identifying intermediates in a reaction mechanism _ Consider the following mechanism for the formation of iodine: H2(g) + ICI(9) → HI(g) + HCI(g) (1) HI(g) + ICI(g) → 12(g) + HCl(g) (2) Write the chemical equation of the overall reaction: Are there any ○yes intermediates in this no mechanism? If there are intermediates, write down their chemical formulas. Put a comma between each chemical formula, if there's more than one. Check Explanation Apply the five properly formed deductive forms to construct examples with the following substitution:let p substitute I worklet q substitute I get moneylet r substitute I can pay my billslet s substitute I can travelYou should have FIVE different examples related to the deductive arguments, using only the substitution for p, q, r, and s above, written in a Microsoft Word document after you complete Action Item 2. In a certain year, when she was a high school senior, Idonna scored 620 on the mathematics part of the SAT. The distribution of SAT math scores in that year was Normal with mean 512 and standard deviation 117. Jonathan took the ACT and scored 24 on the mathematics portion. ACT math scores for that year were Normally distributed with mean 20.5 and standard deviation 5.4. Find the standardized scores (±0.01) for both students. Assuming that both tests measure the same kind of ability, who had the higher score? Idonna's standardized score is ____ Jonathan's standardized score is _____ a. Scores are equal b. Idonna's score is less than Jonathan's c. Idonna's score is higher than Jonathan's ​Aylward, Inc. currently has $2,141,000 in current assets and $842,000 in current liabilities. The company’s managers want to increase the firm’s inventory, which will be financed by a short-term note with the bank. What level of inventories can the firm carry without its current ratio falling below 2.2? Joe has a goal to run a 5k in the spring. His objective is to run 30 minutes, 3 times per week. Which of the following would be an appropriate self-management contingency? a. Joe puts his running shoes next to the frontdoor. b.Joe has to pay his friend $5 at 10:00pm on Sunday for every day that he runs less than three times per week. c. Both of these are appropriate self-management strategies d. None of these are appropriate self-management strategies The purpose of the _______________ is to control air pollution by instituting point source controls and establishing maximum pollution levels for the ambient air. A firm has inventory of $46,500, accounts payable of $17,400, cash of $1,250, net fixed assets of $318,650, long-term debt of $109,500, and accounts receivable of $16,600. What is the common-size percentage of the equity? a. 70.60 percent b. 70.12 percent c. 66.87 percent d. 42.08 percent e. 68.75 percent The Code of Sumerians was a listing of 282 laws that regulated a wide variety of behaviors, including business dealings, personal behavior, interpersonal relations, and punishments. A. True B. False A 2600 lb vehicle has a drag coefficient of 0.35 and a frontal area of 22 ft2. What is the minimum tractive effort required for this vehicle to maintain a 60 mi/hour speed on a 5% upgrade through an air density of 0.002045-slugs/ft3

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Can self-serving bias be adaptive? ›

Self-serving bias can be adaptive in that it: allows us to savor the good things that happen in our lives.

What is the self-serving bias quizlet? ›

self-serving bias. A readiness to perceive oneself favorably. people see themselves better than average. thinking of positives. take credit for successes and that outside forces did not have a factor.

What is the self-serving bias could best be explained as? ›

The self-serving bias refers to an individual's tendency to attribute positive events to their character, but attribute negative results or events to external factors unrelated to themselves and their faults.

Which of the following is an example of self-serving bias? ›

A classic example of the self serving bias is a student who receives an A on an exam and attributes their success to their intelligence and hard work. However, if they receive a lower grade, they blame the teacher or some aspect of the test.

What is an example of self-serving bias adaptive? ›

For example: A student gets a good grade on a test and tells herself that she studied hard or is good at the material. She gets a bad grade on another test and says the teacher doesn't like her or the test was unfair. Athletes win a game and attribute their win to hard work and practice.

Are biases adaptive? ›

Highlights. Counterintuitively, biases can improve decision making. Numerous studies have identified biases as an effective way to manage errors. Given cognitive and evolutionary constraints, psychological biases can be adaptive.


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