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Jenny Carson, Ph.D., Professor; Maryland Institute College of Art; “John Lewis Krimmel”; short-term fellowship.

Carla Cevasco, Ph.D., Assistant Professor; Rutgers University-New Brunswick; “Feeding Children in Early America”; short-term fellowship.

Alexander David Clayton, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Michigan; “The Living Animal: Biopower and Empire in the Atlantic Menagerie, 1760-1890”; short-term fellowship.

Basil Considine, Ph.D., Artistic Director; Really Spicy Opera, and Elissa Edwards, Artistic Director for Elan Ensemble; Ensemble-in-residence at the Hammond-Harwood House Museum; “Pixie/Pirate/Princess: An Interactive Theatre Party for Children”; maker-creator fellowship.

Courtney DiMare, Independent Scholar; “What She Wore”; maker-creator fellowship.

Alexandra Zoë Dostal, Ph.D. Candidate; Columbia University; “Rope, Linen, Thread: Gender, Labor and Eighteenth-Century British Art”; short-term fellowship.

Anna Abhau Elliott, Independent Scholar; “Fake Food: An Inquiry”; maker-creator fellowship.

Katherine Fein, Ph.D. Candidate; Columbia University; “Tusk and Skin: The Intimate Ecologies of Ivory Miniatures”; short-term fellowship.

Allison Fulton, Ph.D. Candidate; University of California Davis; “Disciplining Craft: The Gendered Making of Nineteenth-Century American Science”; dissertation fellowship.

Jillian Galle, Ph.D., Project Director, Digital Archaeological Archive of Comparative Slavery (DAACS); Thomas Jefferson Foundation (Monticello); “Fragmented Lives: the Materiality of Enslavement in the Early Modern Atlantic World”; NEH postdoctoral fellowship.

Blake Grindon, Doctoral Candidate; Princeton University; “The Death of Jane McCrea: Sovereignty and Revolutionary Violence in the Northeast”; short-term fellowship.

Holly Gruntner, Ph.D. Candidate; William & Mary; “Fertile Ground: Kitchen Gardens and Knowledge Production in Early America”; dissertation fellowship.

Julia Harrison, Resident Artist; Penland School of Craft; “The Mechanics Making (Sweets) Special”; maker-creator fellowship.

Brece Honeycutt, Independent Scholar; “Prismatic Utopia”; maker-creator fellowship.

Peter Hudson, Apprentice Joiner; Colonial Williamsburg; “Makers in Maine: Reading Labor Back”; maker-creator fellowship.

Donna Kaz, Playwright; Kaz Conference Writing Workshop; “The Sweetgum Trilogy”; maker-creator fellowship.

Gregg Moore, Professor; Arcadia University, and Omar Tate, Chef and Artist; Honeysuckle Projects, “Abolition and Ceramics”; maker-creator fellowship.

Katya Oicherman, Ph.D., Independent Scholar; “Bed Linen Trade Catalogues: The Material Culture of Sleep and North American Homemaking (1850 and 1930)”; short-term fellowship.

Nathaniel Otjen, Incoming Postdoctoral Research Associate; Princeton University; “Avian Care: The Evolution of Bird Architecture in the Modern US and Europe”; short-term fellowship.

Elisabeth Pellathy, Associate Professor; University of Alabama at Birmingham; “Textiles”; maker-creator fellowship.

Phillippa Pitts, Ph.D. Candidate; Boston University; “Bottled & Sold: The Tangible Forms of America’s Medical Democracy”; short-term fellowship.

Olaf Recktenwald, Ph.D., Co-Editor-in-Chief, Montreal Architectural Review; McGill University; “The Pop-Up Diagram: Thomas Malton’s A Compleat Treatise on Perspective”; short-term fellowship.

Louisa Wood Ruby, Ph.D. Visiting Fellow; Bard Graduate Center; “Collecting Colonial New York Paintings at Winterthur”; Winterthur postdoctoral fellowship.

Sohee Ryuk, Ph.D. Candidate; Columbia University; “Weaving ‘Oriental Carpets’ into the Soviet Union: Handicraft and Folk Art at the Intersections of Nation, Commodity, and Labor, 1890-1989”; dissertation fellowship.

Amy Sailer, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Utah; “Red House”; maker-creator fellowship.

Marshall Scheetz, Master Cooper; Jamestown Cooperage LLC; “Cannikin, Tankard, Noggin, Stoup: History, Usage, and Manufacture of Wooden Staved Drinking Vessels in early America”; maker-creator fellowship.

Cambra Sklarz, Ph.D. Candidate; University of California, Riverside; “The Artist and the Ecosystem: Strategies for the Use and Reuse of Materials in Early America”; short-term fellowship.

Jennifer Steverson, Virtual Resident; Black Botany Studio; “Mojo for a Changing Planet”; maker-creator fellowship.

Sarah Templin, Professor; Parsons School of Design & Maryland Institute College of Art; “Sustainability in Furniture Design Project”; maker-creator fellowship.

Courtney Wilder, Ph.D., Independent Scholar; “Fashioning the Industrial Revolution: Printed Dress Textiles and the Visual Economy in Europe, 1815-1851”; short-term fellowship.


Tracy Barnett, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Georgia; “Men and Their Guns: The Culture of Self-Deputized Manhood in the South, 1850-1877”; dissertation fellowship.

Richard Bell, Professor; University of Maryland; “The First Freedom Riders: Streetcars and Street Fights in Jim Crow New York”; short-term fellowship.

Barrie Blatchford,Ph.D. Candidate; Columbia University; “Fashion Victims: An Environmental History of the American Fur Industry, 1870-2006”; short-term fellowship.

Alexandra Cade, Senior Curator and Director of Woodwind Studies;SigalMusic Museumand Tommy Dougherty,Composer; “The Winterthur Suite”; maker-creator fellowship.

Camille Marie Davis, Ph.D. Candidate; Southern Methodist University; “Visual Prestige: The Role of Portraiture in Constructing the Nascent Identity of American Leaders”;critical race short-term fellowship.

Nushelle de Silva, Ph.D. Candidate; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; “Protocols for the Peripatetic: Infrastructures of Exhibition Exchange in the Modern Museum”; dissertation fellowship.

NanninaGilder, Scriptwriterand Cynthia Wade, Director/Co-Writer; “The Shaker Screenplay”; maker-creator fellowship.

Aspen Golann,Furniture Maker/Studio Artistand Kelly Harris, Furniture Maker/Educator; “Windsor Chairs: Accessing the Icon”;critical craft short-term fellowship.

Javier P. Grossutti,Research Fellow;UniversitàdegliStudidiPadova; “When Migration Studies, Decorative Arts and Entrepreneurship interweaves: German Cabinet Makers and Italian Mosaic Workers in the Herter Brothers Company”; short-term fellowship.

Victoria Hensley, Research and Programs Manager; Black Craftspeople Digital Archive; “Finding the Black Presence in Tennessee’sSilversmithingTrade”; short-term fellowship.

Sue Johnson, Professor of Art; St. Mary’s College of Maryland;“Woman, as Advertised”; maker-creator fellowship.

Aditi Khare, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Alberta; “Rethinking the Indian Textile Network under British Colonial Systems: A Material Culture Analysis, c. 1750-1860”; short-term fellowship.

Kathryn Lasdow, Assistant Professor and Director of the Public History Concentration; Suffolk University; “WharfedOut: Improvement and Inequity on the Early American Urban Waterfront”; William Seale short-term fellowship.

Jason Luther, Assistant Professor; Rowan University; “Assembling an Archive: Material-Rhetorical Methods and The SaulZaleschCollection of American Ephemera”; short-term fellowship.

Maura Lucking,University of California, Los Angeles; “American Artisan: Design and Race-Making on the Industrial Campus, 1866-1924”; postdoctoral fellowship.

Alexandra Macdonald,Ph.D. Candidate; William & Mary; “The Social Life of Time in the Anglo-Atlantic World, 1660-1830”; dissertation fellowship.

Isabel Oleas-Mogollón,Independent Scholar; “Imperial Power and Christian Triumph: Reflective Surfaces and ReligiousVisualityin Eighteenth-Century Quito”; short-term fellowship.

JoannQuiñones,Assistant Professor; Alfred University; “Americannoiseries”; maker-creator fellowship.

Gina Siepel, Lecturer in Studio Art Foundations; Mount Holyoke College; “To Understand a Tree”; maker-creator fellowship.

Meg Toth,Professor; Manhattan College; “Domestic Warfare: Militant Home Economics in ElisabethSanxayHolding’s WWII Fiction”; short-term fellowship.

Jennifer Van Horn, Associate Professor; University of Delaware; “Base Metals: The Anti-Black Interior (1700-1900)”;National Endowment for the Humanitiespostdoctoral fellowship.

Xinguo Wang, Independent Scholar and Woodworking Artisan; “Going Local, Then and Now: Winterthur’s American Furniture Collection Meets ‘Original America’ Table Tennis Blades”; maker-creator fellowship.

Marina Wells, Ph.D. Candidate; Boston University; “Making Men from Whales: The Visual Culture of Gender and Whaling in New England, 1814-1861″; dissertation fellowship.

Omolara WilliamsMcCallister, IndependentScholar; “Learning from Our Past, Designing for Our Future”; maker-creator fellowship.


William Averyt, Associate Professor Emeritus; University of Vermont; “The Winterthur Triangle: The Development of a Foundation Narrative”; short-term fellowship.

Brigitte Bailey,Professor; University of New Hampshire; “Antebellum City Texts: Periodical Print Culture and Emergent U.S. Metropolitan Spaces”; short-term fellowship.

Katherine Brelje, Ph.D. Candidate; Temple University; “Care, Consumption, and Awe: A Relational Plant Ethic of Care”; short-term fellowship.

Angela Burnley, Independent Scholar; “Following the Footsteps of Florence Montgomery: Expanding & Changing Textile Definitions through Current Research”; short-term fellowship.

Caylin Carbonell, Ph.D. Candidate; William & Mary; “Laboring Lives: Households, Dependence, and Power in Colonial New England”; short-term fellowship.

Nora Ellen Carleson, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Delaware; “The Vernacular Politics of American Dress, 1880-1930”; dissertation fellowship.

David Charles Chioffi, Professor; J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, University of ArkansasandCynthiaNourseThompson, Associate Professor and Director of the Graduate Programs in Book Arts & Printmaking and Studio Arts; University of the Arts;“The Vestige”; maker-creator fellowship.

Alice Crossley,Senior Lecture in English Literature; University of Lincoln; “Ephemeral Sentiment: Identity and Emotion in Nineteenth-Century Valentines”; short-term fellowship.

Dan Daly, Independent Scholar; “The Portable Theater Project”; maker-creator fellowship.

Camille Marie Davis, Ph.D. Candidate; Southern Methodist University; “Visual Prestige: The Role of Portraiture in Constructing the Nascent Identity of American Leaders”; short-term fellowship.

Andrea Dietz, Assistant Professor and Director of Graduate Studies; GWU Corcoran School of the Arts & Design; “We are not among the dead”; maker-creator fellowship.

Steffi Dippold, Associate Professor; Kansas State University; “Biologiesand Ethnographies of the Book: Deciphering Indigenous Artifact Languages of Early American Bookmaking”; short-term fellowship.

Rob Finn, Independent Scholar; “Winterthur Tree Portraits”; maker-creator fellowship.

Catriona Fisk, Casual Academic; University of Technology Sydney; “Material Lives and Maternal Bodies: Repositioning the History and Invention of Maternity Fashion 1750-1950”; short-term fellowship.

Jean Franzino,Independent Scholar; “Dis-Union: Disability, Narrative, and the American Civil War”; National Endowment for the Humanities postdoctoral fellowship.

Caroline Gillaspie, Ph.D. Candidate; CUNY Graduate Center; “Delicious Libations: Representing the Nineteenth-Century Brazil-US Coffee Trade”; dissertation fellowship.

Mariah Gruner, Graduate Student; Boston University; “Stitching Political Selfhood, Materializing Gender: The Political Uses of American Women’s Decorative Needlework, 1820-1920”; short-term fellowship.

Andrew Hart, Assistant Professor of Architecture; Thomas Jefferson University College of Architecture and the Built Environment; “Reimagining Piranesi in the American Landscape”; maker-creator fellowship.

Yiyun Huang, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Tennessee, Knoxville; “The Chinese Origins of Medicinal Tea: Global Culture Transfer and A Vast Early America”; short-term fellowship.

Leslie Koren, Assistant Professor of Media Arts; Robert Morris Universityand Adam Castelli, Architect; CannonDesign; “Pioneering Landscapes: MarianCrugerCoffin’s Life and Career”; maker-creator fellowship.

Fernando Arroyo Lopez, Doctoral Student; University of Mississippi; “American Hotel Lobby Design of the 20thCentury”; short-term fellowship.

Shannan Mason, Ph.D. Candidate; Southern Illinois University; “John Bartram 18thCentury Merchant of Nature”; short-term fellowship.

Morgan McCullough, Ph.D. Candidate; William & Mary; “Material Bodies: Race, Gender, and Women in the Early American South”; short-term fellowship.

Elissa Myers, Adjunct Assistant Professor; Queen’s College; “Crafting Girlhoods”; postdoctoral fellowship.

(Video) The Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library joins the #RestoreOurEarth Art Museum Project

Rebecca Olsen,Ph.D. Candidate; University of Delaware; “Domestic Ecology: Household Management and Environmental Entanglement in Nineteenth-Century British Literature”; dissertation fellowship.

Benjamin Parker,Visiting Assistant Professor; Gettysburg College; “American Educational Iconography: National Symbolism in the Architectural Ornamentation of Public Schools”; short-term fellowship.

Gordon Peteran, Professor; O.C.A.D. University; “Historical Contemporary”; maker-creator fellowship.

Carol Petrucci, Independent Scholar; “Civil Intolerance: Opening the Past to Change the Present”; maker-creator fellowship.

Lars Preisser, Independent Scholar; “FamillionaireMatters”; maker-creator fellowship.

Andrew Raftery, Professor of Printmaking; Rhode Island School of Design; “Wallpaper Research”; maker-creator fellowship.

Eleanor Richards, Artist;PenlandSchool of Craft; “The Highboy’s Understory: Deconstructing the Icon”; Decorative Arts Trust maker-creator fellowship.

Allison Robinson, Doctoral Candidate; University of Chicago; “The Political Biography of Dolls: Pedagogy and Reform through Work Project Administration Programing, 1933-1946”; short-term fellowship.

Andrea Rosen, Curator; Fleming Museum of Art, University of Vermont; “WoodGaylor, Primitivism, and American Folk Art”; short-term fellowship.

Fiona Lindsey Shen,Director;EscalettePermanent Collection of Art,Chapman University; “Pearls and Remembrance”; short-term fellowship.

Natalia Vieyra, Maher Curatorial Fellow of American Art, Harvard Art Museums; “Black Women’s Labor and the Atlantic Tortoiseshell Trade in the Work of Camille Pissarro”; short-term fellowship.

Katharine Wells,Assistant Professor; University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; “Uncanny Revivals: Designing Early America during the Rise of Fascism”; short-term fellowship.

Elisabeth Yang, Ph.D. Candidate; Rutgers University; “Constructing the Moral Infant in American Medical and Scientific Discourse”; dissertation fellowship.


Lauren Frances Adams, Associate Professor of Art; Maryland Institute College of Art; “Décor for Dissenters: Protest and the Americana Way”; maker-creator fellowship.

Indranil Banerjie, Independent Scholar; “Influence of 18thEnglish Cabinetmakers on India”; short-term fellowship.

Kristen E. Beales, Ph.D. Candidate; William & Mary; “Thy Will Be Done: Merchants and Religion in Early America, 1720-1815”; short-term fellowship.

George Boudreau,Senior Research Associate; McNeil Center for Early American Studies; “‘Telling the Story:’ Objects, Spaces, Material Culture and the Interpretation Presentation of Early America’s History”; short-term fellowship.

Steven Robert Brown, Independent Teacher; “Investigation into Classical Proportioning in Eighteenth Century Furniture”; short-term fellowship.

Kristen Brownell, Ph.D. Candidate; Claremont Colleges; “The Early American Bookcase: Narrator of Identity”; short-term fellowship.

Camden Burd,Ph.D. Candidate; University of Rochester; “The Ornament of Empire: Nurserymen and the Making of the American Landscape”; short-term fellowship.

Alicia Carroll,Associate Professor; Auburn University; “Sacred Groves: Local Ecologies in Victorian Literature and Culture”; short-term fellowship.

Chloe Chapin, Ph.D. Candidate; Harvard University; “Peacocks to Penguins: the Ubiquitous Uniformity of Male Evening Dress”; short-term fellowship.

Frank J. Cirillo,Bradley Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow;NauCenter for Civil War History, University of Virginia; “The Abolitionist Civil War: Antislavery Reformers and the Fate of the Republic”; short-term fellowship.

Felicia Cooper, Outreach Programs Coordinator; Bakken Museum; “The Moon Lady: Edna Cooke Shoemaker’s Life and Work”; maker-creator fellowship.

Theresa Downing, Ph.D. Candidate and Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellow; University of Minnesota; “Vulnerable Materials, Vulnerable Bodies: Horsehair and Infestation in Ann Hamilton’stroposand Historical American Domestic Objects”; short-term fellowship.

Molly Duggins,Lecturer in Art History and Theory; National Art School; “Albums and Empire in the Nineteenth Century”; short-term fellowship.

Freya Gowrley,Post DoctoralFellow; University of Derby; “Collage before Modernism: Art & Identity in Britain & North America, 1680-1912”; short-term fellowship.

Christopher Grant, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Chicago; “Crafting Community: Race, Creative Labor, and Everyday Aesthetics in the CreoleFaubourgsof New Orleans, 1790-1865”; short-term fellowship.

Kimberly Hall and Justin Hardison,NotteneStudio; “Wallpaper Stories”; maker-creator fellowship.

Amy Huang, Ph.D. Candidate; Brown University; “Nineteenth-Century Secrecy and Theatrical Disorientation”; dissertation fellowship.

Erica Lome, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Delaware; “Heirlooms of Tomorrow: Crafting and Consuming Colonial Reproduction Furniture, 1890-1945”; dissertation fellowship.

Sharon C. Mehrman, Designer & Furniture Maker; Sharon C. Mehrman Woodworking; “Technology & Woodworking in America’s Industrial Satellites, 1840-1890”; short-term fellowship.

Claire Meldrum,Instructional Designer, Online Learning & Development; Mohawk College; “Anna Katharine Green: A Biography”; short-term fellowship.

Deirdre Murphy, Artist/Visiting Assistant Professor; Lehigh University; “Absence / Presence: Audubon’s Birds”; maker-creator fellowship.

Elaine Ng, Independent Artist; “But Where Are You Really From? An Ecological Fingerprint of Place”; maker-creator fellowship.

Erin Pauwels,Assistant Professor of Art History; Tyler School of Art & Architecture, Temple University; “NapoleonSaronyand the Art of Living Pictures: American Photography’sIntermedialHistory”; postdoctoral fellowship.

Marika Plater,Ph.D. Candidate; Rutgers University; “Escaping New York: An Environmental History of Working-Class Leisure”; dissertation fellowship.

AlkaRaman, Ph.D. Candidate; London School of Economics and Political Science; “Learning from the muse: Indian cotton textiles and Britishindustrialisation”; dissertation fellowship.

Ashley Rattner,Postdoctoral Fellow; East Tennessee State University; “‘We have been with you more than one hundred years, and are still not understood’: Framing Fantasies of the Shaker-Tolstoy Correspondence”; short-term fellowship.

Rebecca Rukeyser, Guest Faculty; Bard College Berlin; “Information Flow in Domestic Spaces: The Spread of Scandal in 18thCentury Sitting Room Culture”; maker-creator fellowship.

Cynthia Smith, Ph.D. Candidate; Miami University; “Sentimental Sailors: Rescue and Conversion inAntebellum U.S. Literature”; short-termfellowship.

Rebecca Szantyr, Ph.D. Candidate; Brown University; “NicolinoCalyo: A Wider Viewof American Art, 1833-1855”; short-termfellowship.

Amanda Thatch, MFA Candidate; University of Wisconsin, School of Human Ecology; “Books and Textiles, Structure and Content”; maker-creator fellowship.

Nathan Tye,Assistant Professor; University of Nebraska at Kearney;“The Far Goer: Jack Taylor, Thoreau, and the Meaning of Walking, 1890s-1920s”; short-termfellowship.

Stefania Urist, Independent Artist; “Research Garden Architecture for Sculpture Garden Installations”; maker-creatorfellowship.

Pamela F.Wik-Grimm, Independent Author; “Online GIS database of ship log data and associated contextual materials”; maker-creatorfellowship.


Rachel Thayer Boothby,Ph.D. Candidate;University of Wisconsin-Madison;“Everything but the Squeal: The Material Afterlife of the Pig in Modern America”;dissertationfellowship.

David Bosse,Librarian and Curator of Maps;Historic Deerfield;“To Give a Pleasing Effect: Manual Coloring in Historical Context”;short-termfellowship.

Katee Boyle,Multidisciplinary Artist; “Clothing as NecessaryArmour, The Wear and Tear of Dress Codes of 17thCentury through Present Day”;maker-creatorfellowship.

Lydia Mattice Brandt,Associate Professor, University of South Carolina;“The Antebellum Plantation in Popular American Visual Culture”; short-termfellowship.

Annie Coggan,Adjunct Assistant Professor,Pratt Institute, New York School of Design;Principal, Coggan Crawford Architects; “Didactic Decorative Object on the theme of Winterthur’s Scrapbook”;maker-creatorfellowship.

Basil Considine,Visiting Faculty in Music and Graduate Writing Coordinator;University of Tennessee at Chattanooga; “The Costs of Domestic Music Making in the Early American Republic between Revolution and Civil War (1775-1865)”; short-termfellowship.

Brett Culbert,Ph.D.Candidate;Harvard University;“Britain’s Imperial Prospects and the Aesthetic Origins ofScenographiaAmericana(1725-1775)”; dissertation fellowship.

Elissa Edwards, Artistic Director for Elan Ensemble;Hammond-Harwood House Museum; “Beyond Just ‘A Lady with a Harp’: Illuminating and Contextualizing Female Musicians inthe Early American Republic”; maker-creatorfellowship.

Daniel Feinberg, Assistant Professor of Design and Sculpture; Berea College;“Pavement|Adorned”;maker-creatorfellowship.

Elyse D. Gerstenecker, Ph.D. Candidate;University of Virginia; “In Some Way Southern:LycettStudios, Newcomb Pottery, and Design in the New South”; short-termfellowship.

Rebecca Gilbert, Independent Artist represented by The Print Center; Adjunct Faculty,The University of the Arts;Adjunct Faculty,Maryland Institute College of Art; “Visions of Plenty: Observation, Perception, Illusion, and Reverie”; maker-creatorfellowship.

Carrie Glenn,Ph.D. Candidate;University of Delaware;“The Revolutionary Atlantic of ElizabethBeauveauand John JosephBorie: Commerce, Vulnerability and U.S. Connections with French Atlantic, 1780-1820”;dissertationfellowship.

Reed Gochberg,Lecturer, History and Literature; Harvard University;“A House of Ideas: Museums, Science, and Knowledge in Nineteenth-Century American Literature”;short-termfellowship.

Jessica Harvey, Photographer/Artist;theByrdcliffeArts Colony Archive; “Arrows of the Dawn”; maker-creatorfellowship.

Arlene Hutton,Faculty;The Barrow Group Theatre Company;“The Shakers of Mount Lebanon Will Hold a Peace Conference This Month”;short-termfellowship.

Ana M. Lopez, Associate Professor; University of North Texas; “You See AC”; maker-creatorfellowship.

Amy H. McAuley,Owner;Oculus Fine Carpentry;“18th-Century Door Joinery”;short-termfellowship.

Christina Michelon,Independent Scholar;“Printcraft: Making with Mass Images in Nineteenth-Century America”;postdoctoralfellowship.

Patrick Morgan,Ph.D. Candidate;Duke University; “Manifesting Vertical Destiny: Geology, Reform, and the Stratified Earth in American Literature, Long Nineteenth Century”;short-termfellowship.

Dawn Odell,Associate Professor;Lewis & Clark College;“Chinese Art in the Early United States”;short-termfellowship.

Heather Ossandon, Visiting Assistant Professor;Delaware State University;“The Communal Bowl”;maker-creatorfellowship.

Colin Patrick Rydell,Ph.D. Candidate;The University of Chicago;“Alcohol in the Garden of Eden: The Cider Boom in England, 1650-1763”;short-termfellowship.

Elizabeth Schmidt,Ph.D. Candidate;University of California, Santa Barbara; “Food Anxiety and the Development of Colonial Hybrid Identities in the Eighteenth Century British Atlantic”;short-termfellowship.

Kimia Shahi, Ph.D. Candidate; Princeton University;“Margin, Surface, Depth: Picturing the Contours of the Marine inNineteenth-Century America”; short-termfellowship.

Kimberly Sherman,Ph.D. Candidate; University of St. Andrews; “‘We literally die daily’: Disease, Death, and the Remaking of Families in the American South, 1680-1820”;short-termfellowship.

Rebecca K. Shrum,Associate Professor;Indiana University-PurdueUniversity Indianapolis (IUPUI); “Bringing Probate Inventories into the Digital Realm: A Re-imagination of the Work of Alice Hanson Jones”;short-termfellowship.

Kacey Stewart, Graduate Student;University of Delaware;“The Aesthetics of Classification: Field Guides and Travel Narratives”; short-termfellowship.

Lindsay Wells,Ph.D. Candidate;University of Wisconsin-Madison;“Plant-Based Art: Indoor Gardening and the Aesthetic Movement, 1860-1900”; dissertationfellowship.

Courtney Wilder,Ph.D. Candidate;University of Michigan,Ann Arbor;“Novel Impressions in Printed Textiles”; dissertationfellowship.

Jordan Michael Wingate,Ph.D. Candidate;University of California, Los Angeles;“The Periodicals Origins of the American Self”;short-termfellowship.

Elisabeth M. Yang, Ph.D. Candidate;Rutgers University;“Constructing the Moral Infant in American Medical and Scientific Discourse, 1850s-1920s”;short-termfellowship.

Madeline Lee Zehnder,Ph.D. Candidate;University of Virginia; “Unsettling Miniatures: Reality, Scale, and Crises of Representation in America, 1790-1850”; short-termfellowship.

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Bo Zhang,Assistant Professor;Oklahoma State University; “Chinese Influences on the Designed Landscapes in the United States, From 1860 to 1940”;short-termfellowship.


Michelle Anderson,Ph.D. Candidate; University of Delaware; “Home Away From Home: Temporary Housing and American Families”;short-term fellowship.

Tabitha Baker,Ph.D. Candidate; University of Warwick; “The Embroidery Trade in Eighteenth-Century France”;dissertation fellowship.

Lisa Binkley,Adjunct Professor;Queen’s University; “Textiles, Needlework, Design: Unstitching the Mystique of the Baltimore Album Quilts”; short-term fellowship.

Janine Yorimoto Boldt, Ph.D. Candidate,TheCollege of William & Mary; “The Art of Plantation Authority: Domestic Portraiture in Colonial Virginia”;short-term fellowship.

PJ Carlino,Ph.D. Candidate; Boston University; “Made American: Industrial Design and Public Furniture, 1830-1930”;dissertation fellowship.

Stephanie Carpenter, Lecturer;Michigan Technological University; “Many and Wide Separations: Two Novellas”; maker-creator fellowship.

Tara Cederholm, Head of Curatorial Services andCurator, The Crosby Company;AlycePerryEnglund,Assistant Curator of American Decorative Arts,The Metropolitan Museum of Art;andChristine Thomson,Conservator and Principal, Decorative Arts Conservation LLC.;“Reevaluation of American Japanned Furniture in Context, 1700-1760”;short-term fellowship.

Jennifer Chuong,Doctoral Candidate; Harvard University; “Surface Experiments in Early America”;short-term fellowship.

Ben Davidson,Ph.D. Candidate; New York University; “Freedom’s Generation: Coming of Age in the Era of Emancipation”;dissertation fellowship.

Dan Du,Visiting Assistant Professor; Wake Forest University; “Behind the Teacup: American Tea Consumption in the Nineteenth Century”;short-term fellowship.

Eitan Freedenberg,Ph.D. Candidate; University of Rochester; “Architectural Reproduction and the American Industrial Landscape, 1900-1950”;dissertation fellowship.

ElisabethGernerd,Guest Lecturer; University of Glasgow; “Têtesto Tails: Eighteenth-Century Underwear and Accessories in Britain and Colonial America”;short-term fellowship.

Rachel Gotlieb, Adjunct Curator;Gardiner Museum; “Canadian Colonialism Served as a British Dish”;short-term fellowship.

Jennifer A. Greenhill,Associate Professor of Art History;University of Southern California, Los Angeles; “The Commercial Imagination: American Illustration and theMaterialitiesof the Market, 1890-1930”;short-term fellowship.

NalleliGuillen,Ph.D. Candidate;University of Delaware; “‘Round the World Every Evening: Panoramic Spectacles and Entertainment Culture within the Transatlantic Antebellum United States”;short-term fellowship.

Valerie Hegarty,Artist;“Creation of new work inspired by Winterthur collection”;maker-creator fellowship.

Christopher Herbert,Doctoral Fellow; The Julliard School; “The 1747 Song of the Lonely Turtledove of Ephrata, Pennsylvania: a Study of America’s First Music Theory Treatise and its Accompanying Hymns and Motets”;short-term fellowship.

Joseph Larnerd,Ph.D. Candidate; Stanford University; “‘The Cut Glass Age’: Crystallizations of American Culture in Cut Glass, 1876-1920”;dissertation fellowship.

LiuMengyu,Ph.D. Candidate; Tsinghua University; “Scientific investigation on Pigments in 18th-19thCentury Chinese Export Painting”;short-term fellowship.

Jacqueline Marie Musacchio, Professor;Wellesley College;“At Home Abroad: Anne Whitney and American Women Artists in Late Nineteenth-Century Italy”;short-term fellowship.

Catherine O’Hara,Ph.D. Candidate;Belfast School of Art, Ulster University; “‘Irish Linen Direct – Belfast to any point in the United States’: Direct Selling Irish Linen to the Affluent American Consumer”;short-term fellowship.

Jeffrey Richmond-Moll, Ph.D. Candidate;University of Delaware; “Roots/Routes: Spirituality and Modern Mobility in American Art, 1900-1945”;short-term fellowship.

Judith Ridner,Associate Professor of History; Mississippi State University; “Clothing the Babel: The Material Culture of Ethnic Identity in Early America”;short-term fellowship.

RichSaltzberg,MFA Candidate; Florida Atlantic University; “TheSaltzbergs: A Journey in Wood;”maker-creator fellowship.

Sean “Purl”Samoheyl,Chairmaker; Twin Oaks Community; “Labor and Function: Shakers in comparison to a Modern Utopian Society”;maker-creator fellowship.

Blevin Shelnutt,Postdoctoral Lecturer in English; New York University;“Print Capital: Broadway and U.S. Literary Production, 1836-1860”;postdoctoral fellowship.

Rachel Walker, Ph.D. Candidate and Mary SavageSnoufferDissertation Fellow; University of Maryland; “A Beautiful Mind: Faces, Beauty, andBrainsinthe Anglo-Atlantic World, 1780-1860”;short-term fellowship.


Johanna Amos,Assistant Adjunct Professor; Queen’s University; “Kashmiri and ‘Indian’ Shawls in North America”;short-term fellowship.

Jessica Blake,Ph.D. Candidate;University of California at Davis; “A Taste for Disaster: Racial Formation and the Garment Markets of Revolutionary-era New Orleans”;dissertation fellowship.

JamieBolker,Ph.D. Candidate; Fordham University; “Lost and Found: Wayfinding in Early American Literature”;dissertation fellowship.

Jamie L.Brummitt,Ph.D. Candidate;Duke University; “Protestant Relics: The Politics of Religion & the Art of Mourning in the Early American Republic”;short-term fellowship.

William L. Coleman,PostdoctoralFellow in American Art;Washington University in St. Louis; “Painting Houses: The Domestic Landscape of the Hudson River School”;postdoctoral fellowship.

Nicholas P. Cooley,Ph.D. Candidate; University of Iowa; “’Extensions of Ourselves’: Hand Tools and the Construction of Nature in Nineteenth-Century American Literature, 1823-1873”;short-term fellowship.

NikaElder,Visiting Assistant Professor, Modern & Contemporary Art;University of Florida;“William Harnett’s Curious Objects”;short-term fellowship.

Bryce Evans, Senior Lecturer in History; Liverpool Hope University; “Ethnic Tradition and American Nation-Building: Evidence from the Downs Collection and Archive”;short-term fellowship.

ErnestFreeberg, Professor; University of Tennessee; “Origin of Animal Rights in Gilded Age America”;short-term fellowship.

Sonia Hazard, Ph.D. Candidate; Duke University; “The Touch of the Word: Evangelical Cultures of Print in Antebellum America”;dissertation fellowship.

FionnualaHartGerrity, Collections Care Conservation Technician;Harvard University Library; “Exercise Books at Winterthur: A Case Study in Early AmericanBlankbooks”;short-term fellowship.

Freya Gowrley,Visiting Lecturer, History of Art Department; University of Edinburgh;“Assembling the Shelf: Collage and Identity, 1770-1900”;short-term fellowship.

Rachel Gross, Ph.D. Candidate;University of Wisconsin, Madison; “From Buckskin to Gore-Tex: Consumption as a Path to Mastery in Twentieth-Century American Wilderness Recreation”;short-term fellowship.

Kristine Juncker, Independent Scholar;“Addressing Stereotypes: Cuban Diasporic Artists, Photographic Postcard Media and Responses to the Past”;short-term fellowship.

Kelly Kean, Ph.D. Candidate;University of California, Davis; “Farmers Plots to Backlot Stewpots: Creating the CulinaryCreolismof Urban Antebellum Charleston”; short-term fellowship.

Laura C.Keim, Curator;StentonMuseum & University of Pennsylvania; “Hornor’sBlue Book, Philadelphia Furniture: A Colonial Revival Icon Reconsidered”;short-term fellowship.

MargarettaM. Lovell, Professor;University of California, Berkeley; “The Cabinetmaker’s Apprentice”; short-term fellowship.

Joseph Manca,Nina J.CullinanProfessor of Art and Art History, and Professor of Art History;Rice University; “Shaker Vision: Forms, Beauty, and Belief”;short-term fellowship.

Caroline McCaffrey-Howarth,Arts and HumanitiesResearch Council PhD Candidate;Centre for the Study of the Art and Antiques Market, School of Historyof Art, The University of Leeds; “’Sèvres-mania’: The History of Collecting French SèvresPorcelain in Britain 1802-1882”;short-term fellowship.

KrystynaMichael,Ph.D. Candidate;City University of New York Graduate Center; “The Urban Domestic: Domesticity, Space and Aesthetics in 19thand 20thCentury American Literature and Culture”;short-term fellowship.

William M. Motley, Independent Researcher;“Chinese Export Porcelainsengrisailleand their European print sources”;short-term fellowship.

Del-Louise Moyer, IndependentScholar and Research Consultant; “HeavenlyFraktur: HowFrakturInfluenced Moravian and Pennsylvania German Material Culture”;short-term fellowship.

KateMulry,Assistant Professor;California State University, Bakersfield; “Unwholesome Tinctures: Inoculation and Questions of Heredity in the Early Eighteenth-Century Anglo Atlantic”;short-term fellowship.

Kelli Nelson,Ph.D. Candidate; Mississippi State University; “Fearing the Reaper: Religion, Nature, and Death in Nineteenth-Century America”;short-term fellowship.

AmandaPullan, Cultural Engagement Fellow for Edwardian Postcard Project;Lancaster University; “Women’s Cultural Literacy and Domestic Textiles in the Atlantic World, c. 1600-1800”;short-term fellowship.

Molly Reed, Ph.D. Candidate;Cornell University; “Ecology of Utopia: Environmental Discourse and Practice in Antebellum Communal Settlements”; short-term fellowship.

Jaclyn Schultz,Ph.D. Candidate;University of California, Santa Cruz;“C is for Consumer: American Childhood and the Rise of Commodity Capitalism, 1850-1900”; short-term fellowship.

AmySopcak-Joseph, Ph.D. Candidate;University of Connecticut; “’Converting Rags into Gold’:Godey’s Lady’s Book, Female Consumers, and the Business of Periodical Publishing in the Nineteenth Century”; short-term fellowship.

Sarah Elaine Thomas, Ph.D. Candidate;College of William and Mary; “Objects of the Early Southern Backcountry: The People of Shenandoah County and their Material Culture”;short-term fellowship.

CarolineWigginton,Assistant Professor of English;University of Mississippi; “Nature’s Art: Commodities, Materials Culture, and Books in Early America”;short-term fellowship.


Mary C.Beaudry, Professor of Archaeology, Anthropology, and Gastronomy;Boston University;“Gastronomical Archaeology: Food, Materiality,and the Aesthetics of Dining”; short-term fellowship.

NicoleBelolan,Ph.D. Candidate;University of Delaware; “Navigating the World: The Material Culture of Physical Mobility Impairment in the Early American North, 1700-1861;”dissertation fellowship.

CarlaCevasco,Ph.DCandidate; Harvard University;“Feast, Fast, and Flesh: The Violence of Hunger in Colonial New England and New France”; short-term fellowship.

Ben Davidson,Ph.D. Candidate; New York University;“Freedom’s Generation: Coming of Age in the Era of Emancipation”; short-term fellowship.

Lynn Edgar, IndependentScholar;“Bespoke Children’s Clothing: Evidence of Children’s Clothing in 18thCentury Tailor’s Daybooks”; short-term fellowship.

JeannineFalino, Adjunct Curator; Museum of Arts and Design; “Gilded Age in America”; short-term fellowship.

Katrina E. Greene,Ph.D. Candidate; University of Delaware; “Modern AmericanIntermediality, 1880-1930: Painting, Etching, Photography, Sculpture, Textiles”; short-term fellowship.

Diana Greenwald, Ph.D. Candidate;University of Oxford; “Distinction and Development: Economic and Social Determinants of Artistic Tastein the United States, 1830-1880”; dissertation fellowship.

Kerry Hackett,Ph.D. Candidate;University of Central Lancashire; “Shaker medicine in New York State: 1815-1860”;short-term fellowship.

Amy E. Hughes,Associate Professor and Deputy Chair for Graduate Studies;Brooklyn College, City University New York; “An Actor’s Tale: Theater, Culture, and Everyday Life in Nineteenth-Century America”; short-term fellowship.

Laura TurnerIgoe,Postdoctoral Research Associate;Princeton University Art Museum; “Art and Ecology in the Early Republic”;National Endowment for the Humanitiespostdoctoral fellowship.

ElizabethKeslacy, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Michigan; “A New Kind of Design: The Cooper-Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum (1896-1976)”;dissertation fellowship.

Rebecca J.Keyel,Ph.D. Candidate;University of Wisconsin-Madison; “Knitting for Victory: Women’s Volunteerism in the World Wars”; short-term fellowship.

MichaelKideckel, Ph.D. Candidate; Columbia University; “When Food Became Natural: Industrial Food Culture and the Marketing of Reform”; short-term fellowship.

CeciliaMacheski,Professor Emerita;LaGuardia Community College, The City University of New York; “Transporting Venice: Americans Abroad 1865-1940”; short-term fellowship.

Thomas LukeManget,Ph.D. Candidate;University of Georgia; “Root Diggers and Herb Gatherers: An Environmental History of the Botanical Drug Industry in the United States”; short-term fellowship.

ChantalMeslin-Perrier,ConservateurGénéralduPatrimoine Chercheur associéàl’INHA; InstitutNationald’Histoiredel’Art; “The Art of Dining in the United States from the 17th Century up to 1936”; short-term fellowship.

Katherine Miller, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Virginia; “AmmiB. Young and the U. S. Office of theSupervising Architect, 1852-62”;dissertation fellowship.

Michael Nix,Independent Scholar;“Norwich textiles and the transatlantic tradewith North America, 1750–1820”; short-term fellowship.

Andrea Pappas,Associate Professor of Art History; Santa Clara University;Embroidering the Landscape in Early America”;National Endowment for the Humanitiespostdoctoral fellowship.

(Video) Gaze at the gardens of Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library

Laura Ping,Ph.D. Candidate;The Graduate Center, City University of New York; “Throwing off ‘the Drapery:’ Women and the Bloomer Costume, 1820- 1900”; short-term fellowship.

LauraSoderberg, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Pennsylvania; “Vicious Infants: Antisocial Childhoods and the Politics of Populationin the Antebellum United States”; short-term fellowship.

SarahTemplier,Ph.D. Candidate; Johns Hopkins University; “Between Merchants, Shopkeepers, Tailors and Thieves: Circulating and Consuming Clothes, Textiles and Fashion in Eighteenth-Century North America”; short-term fellowship.

Margaret A. Toth,Associate Professor of English; Manhattan College;“Bric-a-brac and Textiles: Consumer Orientalism at theTurn into the Twentieth Century”; short-term fellowship.

Amy C. Wallace,Ph.D. Candidate; University of Toronto;“Towards a Unity of the Arts and Life: Artistic Communities inthe United States, 1870–1930”; short-term fellowship.

Katherine Wheeler,Assistant Professor of Practice;Universityof Miami School of Architecture; “Graphic Intercessors: The Architectural Working Drawing”; short-term fellowship.

Edward E. Wise III,Independent Scholar; “The Maverick’s Maverick:Hervey White and the Spirit of Woodstock”; short-term fellowship.


ZaraAnishanslin,Assistant Professor; City University of New York;“Producing Revolution: The Material and Visual Culture of Making and Remembering the American Revolution”; short-term fellowship.

NicoleBelolan,Ph.D. candidate; University of Delaware;“Navigating the World: The Material Culture of Physical Mobility Impairment in the Early American North, 1700-1861”; short-term fellowship.

Claire Louise Blakey,Assistant Curator of Ceramics;ThePotteries Museum & Art Gallery;“Bringing China to Stoke-on-Trent: A Collection of Early 20th-Century Porcelain at the Potteries Museum & Art Gallery”; short-term fellowship.

Alison Boyd,Ph.D.candidate; Northwestern University;“Ensemble Modernism: Orchestrating Art and People at the Barnes Foundation”; short-term fellowship.

Jennifer Chuong, Graduate student;Harvard University;“Glass as SupplementalArchitecture in Early America”; short-term fellowship.

Amber M. Clawson,Graduate research assistant;Middle Tennessee State University;“Symbols of America’s ‘Backcountry’ Republic: Tennessee’s ‘Rope and Tassel’Furniture”; short-term fellowship.

Michael D’Alessandro, Ph.D. candidate;Boston University;“Staged Readings: Sensationalism and Class in Popular American Literature and Theatre, 1835-1875”; dissertation fellowship.

Jennifer Dorsey,Associate Professor of History;Siena College;“Tending the Empire: The Lifeof George Holcomb (1791-1856)”; short-term fellowship.

Heidi LouiseEgginton,Graduate student;Newnham College,University of Cambridge;“Cultures of Amateur Antique and Curio Collecting in Britain, c.1868-1939”; short-term fellowship.

KatherineFama,Volkswagen Postdoctoral Research Fellow;John F. Kennedy School of North-American Studies, Free University Berlin, andWashington University, St. Louis;“The Literary Architecture ofSingleness: American Fiction and the Production of Women’sIndependent Space, 1880-1929”; National Endowment for the Humanities postdoctoral fellowship.

LydiaGarver,Principal Investigator,Archaeology Project at the Speaker’s House;IndianaUniversity, Bloomington;“The Pastor’s House”; short-term fellowship.

AnnSmartMartin,Stanley and Polly Stone (Chipstone) Professor and Director, MaterialCulture Program;University of Wisconsin, Madison;“Banish the Night: Domestic Illumination and Reflection before the Light Bulb”; short-term fellowship.

Cheryl-Lynn May,Curatorial Assistant;WexnerCenter for theArts, The Ohio State University;Undressing the Dressed Portrait Miniature: The History, Context, and Significance of Eighteenth-and Nineteenth-Century Collage Portraiture”; short-term fellowship.

Christina Michelon, Ph.D. candidate;University of Minnesota, Twin Cities;“Prints & Personalization: Negotiating Reproducibility and Uniqueness in the Nineteenth-Century American Home”; short-term fellowship.

Audrey Millet,Ph.D.candidate;University Paris 8 and University Neuchâtel, Switzerland;“Towards a Global History of the ‘Factory Design’:Draughtsmenbetween Europe and the North American East Coast in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries”; short-term fellowship.

LaurenPalmor, Ph.D. candidate;University of Washington;“Visualizing Age in Victorian Britain andAmerica: A Typological Survey”; dissertation fellowship.

WilliamRiehm, Assistant Professor; Mississippi State University; “‘In-between’ Creole and Anglo-American: Material Culture following the Louisiana Purchase”; short-term fellowship.

Karen Sanchez-Eppler, L. Stanton Williams 1941 Professor ofAmerican Studies and English; Amherst College;“In the Archives of Childhood:Personal and Historical Pasts”; short-term fellowship.

Amber Shaw, Assistant Professor; Coe College;“The Fabric of the Nation: Textiles, Nationhood, and Identity in theMid-Nineteenth Century”; short-term fellowship.

Julia A.Sienkewicz; Assistant Professor; Duquesne University;“Epic Landscapes: Benjamin Henry Latrobe’s Virginian Watercolors, 1795-1799”;short-term fellowship.

D. AlbertSoeffing, Independent Scholar;“The Career of Allen Leonard, Artist, Silversmith and Die-Sinker and His Production of American Architectural Card Cases: Social Aspects of Visiting Card Culture in Nineteenth-Century America”; short-term fellowship.

Whitney Stewart,Ph.D. Candidate;Rice University;“The Politics of Black Womanhood in the Nineteenth Century”; short-term fellowship.

JenniferStreb, AssociateProfessor &Curator;Juniata CollegeMuseum of Art;“The Art and Science of Portrait Miniatures”; short-term fellowship.

YolandaTheunissen, Curator,OsherMap Library;Director, Smith Center for Cartographic Education, University of Southern Maine;“Mastering Spatial Literacy with Pictorial Maps, Games and Toys from 1750 to the Present”; short-term fellowship.

AmyTorbert,Ph.D. candidate;University of Delaware;“Going Places: The Material and Imaginary Geographies of Prints in the Atlantic World, 1770-1840”; dissertation fellowship.

Rachel Zimmerman,Ph.D. candidate;University of Delaware;“Global Luxuries: Art and Material Culture in the Eighteenth-Century Elite Home in MinasGerais, Brazil”; dissertation fellowship.


Amanda Casper,Ph.D. Candidate; University of Delaware;“Home Alteration in Industrial Philadelphia, 1865 to 1925”; dissertation fellowship.

Michael Clapper,Associate Professor of Art History;Franklin & Marshall College;“Popular Art in America: Mass Reproduction and Middle-Class Taste”;short-term fellowship.

William L. Coleman,Ph.D. Candidate;University of California, Berkeley;“Thomas Cole’s Buildings: Architecture in Painting and Practice in the Early Republic”; short-term fellowship.

Erin Corrales-Diaz,Ph.D. Candidate;Universityof North Carolina-Chapel Hill;“Remembering the Veteran: Disability, Trauma and the American Civil War, 1861-1915”; short-term fellowship.

LaurelDaen,Ph.D. Candidate; College of William and Mary;“Civic Capacity and the Constitution of Disabilityin the Early American Republic”;short-term fellowship.

Alice Dolan,Ph.D. Researcher;University of Hertfordshire, School of Humanities;“Linen and Human Life Cycles: Everyday Experience in England, c. 1680-1810”; short-term fellowship.

Patricia Edmonson,Intergenerational Interpretation Specialist; The Cleveland Museum of Art;“Art & Industry: TheArt-in-Trades Club of New York”; short-term fellowship.

Rebecca Lee Fifield,Collections Manager, Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas; Metropolitan Museum of Art;“Lately Imported: Dress and Self-Fashioning of Female Indentured and EnslavedServants, 1750-1790” and “The American Institute of Conservation’s Collection Care Network”; short-term fellowship.

Javier Grossutti,Independent Scholar;Department of Humanities, University of Trieste;“The Herter Brothers Firm and the Introduction of Marble Mosaic in America”;short-term fellowship.

Thomas A. Guiler,Doctoral Candidate; Syracuse University;“The Handcrafted Utopia: Arts and Crafts Communitiesin America’s Progressive Era”; short-term fellowship.

Mary AnnHaagen,Visiting Scholar;Dartmouth College;“The New Hampshire Shakers on Trial, 1848-1849”; short-term fellowship.

LeonieHannan,Teaching Fellow;University College London;“Material Matters: The Early Modern Home asa Site for Scientific Enquiry”; short-term fellowship.

Christine Henderson,Ph.D. Candidate; University of Connecticut;“The American Literary Imagination &World’s Fairs: 1851-1909”; short-term fellowship.

MarthaLibster,Professor of Nursing; Governors State University;“Near and Dear Sisters – The Spirit of Nursing in Antebellum Shaker Communities”; short-term fellowship.

Christopher J. Lukasik,Associate Professorof English and American Studies; Purdue University; “The Image in the Text”; short-term fellowship.

KirinMakker,Assistant Professor;Hobart and William Smith Colleges;“The Myths of Main Street”; National Endowment for the Humanities postdoctoral fellowship.

Anna O. Marley,Curator of Historical American Art;Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art;“American Impressionism and the Garden, 1889-1920”;short-term fellowship.

John Murphy,Ph.D. Candidate;Northwestern University;“Comrades in Craft: Arts and Crafts Colonies in theUnited States, 1896-1916”; dissertation fellowship.

Jeff Peachey, Independent Book Conservator;“In-board Bindings and the Beginning of Industrialized Bookbinding inAmerica and England, 1800-1840”; short-term fellowship.

M. Christina Roberts,Registrar;The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia;“Plant to Print: Modern Methods for the Cultivationand Production of Natural Dyes”;short-term fellowship.

AlexandraSocarides,Assistant Professor;University of Missouri;The Lyric Pose: Antebellum American Women’s Poetry and the Problem of Recovery”;short-term fellowship.

Rachel A. Snell,Ph.D. Candidate; University of Maine; “‘Woman’s sphere is wherever she makes good’: Domesticity and Anglo-American Women’s Roles, 1790-1860”; short-term fellowship.

Erin Sweeney,Ph.D. Candidate;University of California, Irvine;“Dwelling in Possibility: Spatial Practice and Innovation in the Nineteenth Century American Novel”; dissertation fellowship.

KristinaTaketomo,Ph.D. Candidate; University of Pennsylvania;“Cold, White, and Clean: American Aesthetics and the Modern Refrigerator”; short-term fellowship.

Eric Weichel, Graduate Student; Queen’s University;“‘Whether FranceWill Be Concerned in It or Not’:FrancophiliaandPolyculturalismin the Visual and Material Culture of Eighteenth-Century British North America”; short-term fellowship.


Gretchen Voter Abbott,Ph.D. Candidate; Rutgers University;“Nineteenth Century Women’s Experiencesof Aging in the United States”; short-term fellowship.

EllenAvitts,Assistant Professor of Art History;University of Central Washington;“’Doesn’t It Look Like aHappy Place to Live?’House Merchandising and Ideas of Home”; National Endowment for the Humanities postdoctoral fellowship.

Christopher P. Barton,Doctoral Candidate; Temple University;“Identity and Improvisation: the Archaeology of Consumption at the African American Community of Timbuctoo, NJ”; dissertation fellowship.

LynneZacekBassett, Independent Curator;American Museum of TextileHistory;“American Dressin the Romantic Era, 1810-1860”;short-term fellowship.

SarahBeetham,Ph.D. Candidate;Universityof Delaware;“Sculpting the Citizen Soldier: Reproduction and National Memory, 1865-1917”; dissertation fellowship.

Wendy Bellion,Associate Professor; University of Delaware;“What Statues Remember: Sculpture and Iconoclasm in American History”; National Endowment for the Humanities postdoctoral fellowship.

Xavier Bonnet,Independent Upholsterer and Upholstery Historian;“From Paris to Philadelphia: GeorgesBertault(1733/?)A Major Protagonist for Introduction of French Upholstery Taste and Techniques in late 18th-century America”; short-term fellowship.

AlenaBuis, Ph.D. Candidate; Queens University;“Homeliness and Worldliness: Domestic Material Culture in New Netherland and New York, 1600-1725”; dissertation fellowship.

MaraCaden,Ph.D. Candidate; Yale University;“Making Imperial Capitalism: The Process of Manufacturing in the British Empire, 1696-1740”;short-term fellowship.

NoelA.Carmack,Assistant Professor of Art, Drawing & Painting;Utah State University;“Incidents in an Engineer’s Life in the Far West: James R. Maxwell and the Union Pacific Railroad Survey”;short-term fellowship.

Amanda Casper,Ph.D. Candidate; University of Delaware;“Making Home: Altering the Home inIndustrial America, 1850-1950”; short-term fellowship.

Justin Clark,Doctoral Candidate;University of Southern California;“Training the Eye: Romantic Vision and Class Formation in Boston, 1830-1870”; dissertation fellowship.

Katelyn Crawford,Doctoral Candidate; University of Virginia;“Itinerant Portraits in the Late Eighteenth-Century British Atlantic World”; short-term fellowship.

MargarettaFrederick,Chief Curator and Curator of the Samuel and Mary R. Bancroft Collection;Delaware Art Museum;“‘Products of Artistic Effect’: The Lighting Designs of W.A.S. Benson”;short-term fellowship.

Nancy Green,Gale & IraDrukierCurator of Prints, Drawings, andPhotographs;Herbert Johnson Museum of Art; “Exhibiting Japan”; short-term fellowship.

Stephen Hague,Supernumerary Fellow;Linacre College, Oxford University;“The Gentleman’s House: Material Culture and Social Status in the British Atlantic World, 1680-1770”; short-term fellowship.

KelliTowersJasper,Ph.D. Candidate; University of Colorado-Boulder;“Gathering Flowers: Romantic-EraBotanico-Literary Production and the Trans-Atlantic Mediation of Culture”;short-term fellowship.

Shana Klein,Ph.D. Candidate; University of New Mexico;“The Fruits of America: Contextualizing Food in American Still-Life Representation, 1850-1900”;short-term fellowship.

JayLemire,M.A. Candidate; Bard Graduate Program;“Vernay, Inc.: A Case Study of the Social History of the American Antiques Market, 1904-1940”; short-term fellowship.

James D. McMahon, Jr.,Director; School of History,Pennsylvania State University-Harrisburg;“The Swiss Bank House in Pennsylvania: Constructing Identity inEighteenth Century Pennsylvania German Rural Vernacular Architecture”; short-term fellowship.

(Video) Fun Things to Do in Delaware - Winterthur Museum and Gardens

JenniferBurekPierce,Associate Professor; University of Iowa;“Toward a History of the Role of Games and Toys in American Public Libraries”; short-term fellowship.

EinavRabinovitch-Fox,Ph.D. Candidate; New York University;“This is What a Feminist Looks Like: The Construction of the New Woman Imagery through Fashion and the Political Cultureof American Feminism, 1890-1940”;short-term fellowship.

SarahFayenScarlett,Ph.D. Candidate; University of Wisconsin-Madison;“Taste and Space on College Avenue”; short-term fellowship.

Ashli White,Assistant Professor; University of Miami;“Object Lessonsof the Revolutionary Atlantic”; short-term fellowship.

ClayZuba,Ph.D. Candidate; University of Delaware;“Unstable Images: Native American Representation andImperial Identity, 1676-1861”; short-term fellowship.


Alexandra T. Anderson,M.A. Candidate;Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum;“TheByrdcliffeArts Colony: Landscape, Stewardship, and Aesthetics”; short-term fellowship.

AnnaArabindan-Kesson,Ph.D. Candidate; Yale University;“Threads of Empire: Art and The Cotton Trade in the Indian and Atlantic Ocean Worlds, 1780-1900”;dissertation fellowship.

KellyBrennanArehart,Graduate Student; College of William and Mary;“GiveUpYour Dead: How Business, Technology and Society Separated Americans from their Dearly-Departed, 1790-1930”; short-term fellowship.

JenniferBetsworth,Graduate Student; University of South Carolina;“‘Then Came the Peaceful Invasion of the Northerners’: The Impact of Outsiders on Plantation Architecture in Georgetown County, South Carolina”; short-term fellowship.

SusanHanketBrandt,Ph.D. Candidate; Temple University;“Gifted Women and Skilled Practitioners: Gender and Healing Authority in theMid-Atlantic Region, 1740-1830”; short-term fellowship.

Sara Rivers Cofield,Curator of Federal Collections;Maryland Archaeological conservation laboratory at Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum;“Bridles, Bosses, Saddles, and Spurs: Interpreting Colonial Horse Equipagein the Archaeological Record”; short-term fellowship.

Kathleen Daly,Graduate Student; Boston University;“Shapely Bodies: The Material Culture of Women’s Health, 1880-1920”; short-term fellowship.

FrederikaEilers,Ph.D. Candidate; McGill University, School of Architecture;“Building Toys and Toying Buildings: Constructing (or domesticating) Children through Blocks, Dollhouses, and Playrooms”; short-term fellowship.

ErnestFreeberg,Distinguished Professor of Humanities;University of Tennessee;“Incandescent America: Electric Light and America’s Culture of Invention”; short-term fellowship.

Kara French,Ph.D. Candidate;University of Michigan-Ann Arbor;“The Politics of Sexual Restraint: Debates over Chastity in America 1780-1850”; dissertation fellowship.

Janice E. Frisch,Doctoral Student; Indiana University;“A Historical Study of Transatlantic Influences on the Emergence of the Block-Style Quilt in the United States”; short-term fellowship.

ChristianGoodwillie,Curator ofSpecial Collections; Hamilton College Library;“Biography of RichardMcMemarand Critical Editionof Isaac Young’s ‘Concise View’”; short-term fellowship.

MazieM.Harris,Ph.D. Candidate; Brown University;“Fancy Photography on Broadway, 1859-1882”;short-term fellowship.

Christian Koot,Assistant Professor; Towson University;“The Merchant, the Map and Empire: AugustineHerrman’sAmerica and Cross-Cultural Exchange, 1644-1673”; National Endowment for the Humanities postdoctoral fellowship.

Erin Leary,Ph.D. Candidate;University of Rochester;“Sowing the Seeds of Nativism and Eugenics in Gardening andthe Domestic Arts, 1893-1923”; dissertation fellowship.

RobynMcMillin, Independent Scholar;“Science in the American Style, 1700-1800”;short-term fellowship.

JeanD.Portell, Art conservator, retired;“Biography ofSheldon and Caroline K. Keck”; short-term fellowship.

Josh Probert,Ph.D. Candidate; University of Delaware;“Gilded Religion in the Age of Tiffany”; dissertation fellowship.

Melinda Rabb,Professor; Brown University;“Mimesis Reconsidered: Miniaturization in Eighteenth-Century Literature and Culture”; short-term fellowship.

Nancy Siegel,Associate Professor; Towson University;“Political Appetites: Revolution, Taste, and CulinaryActivism in the Early Republic”;short-term fellowship.

SallyTuckett,Undergraduate Tutor; University of Edinburgh;“Heritage and Design: Scottish Influences on Textiles and Clothingin Nineteenth-Century America”; short-term fellowship.

Catherine Walsh,Ph.D. Candidate; University of Delaware;“Tell Me a Story: Narrative and Orality in Nineteenth-Century American Visual Culture”; short-term fellowship.

Emilie Johnson Wheeler,Ph.D. Candidate; University of Virginia;“The Great House and Beyond: Plantation Complexes and Networks in the Antebellum Deep South”; short-term fellowship.

Virginia J. Whelan, Textile conservator in private practice;“A Survey of Original Frame Styles for Philadelphia Needlework (1725-1830)”; short-term fellowship.

KembleWidmer, Independent scholar; “The Nathaniel Gould Ledgers”; short-term fellowship.

Chi-mingYang,Assistant Professor; University of Pennsylvania;“Global Culture andthe Lives of Objects, 1600-1800”; National Endowment for the Humanities postdoctoral fellowship.


Anne Anderson,Research Fellow; University of Exeter, School of English;“‘A Backward Glance: Furnishing with Antiques in the Gilded Age and Beyond”; short-term fellowship.

Ashley Barnes,Ph.D. Candidate;University of California, Berkeley;“An American Love Story: Narrative Ethics and the Novel from Stowe to James”; short-term fellowship.

Jane F. Crosthwaite,Professor of Religion; Mount Holyoke College;“The Divine Book of Holy Mother Wisdom: Construction of a Shaker Sacred Text”; short-term fellowship.

Anna M. Dempsey,Associate Professor of Art History;University of Massachusetts Dartmouth;“Working Women Artists: Images of Domesticity and the Construction of American Modernism, 1880-1930”; National Endowment for the Humanities postdoctoral fellowship.

ChristianDuComb,Ph.D. Candidate; Brown University;“From theMeschianzato the Mummers Parade: Racial and Gender Impersonation in Philadelphia”; short-term fellowship.

JenniferElliott,Ph.D. Candidate; University of Virginia;“The Neoclassical Backcountry: Architecture, Material Culture and Hybrid Identities in the American South, 1780-1830”; short-term fellowship.

Ross Fox,Associate Curator, Early Canadian Decorative Arts;Royal Ontario Museum;“Exploring Relationships in Construction and Design Among the Furniture of New England, New York and Montreal, 1790-1820”; short-term fellowship.

Vanessa Habib,Independent Scholar;“Transatlantic Craftsmanship: Scotch Carpets in the American Colonies”; short-term fellowship.

Christina J. Hodge,Senior Curatorial Assistant;Peabody Museum, Harvard University;“A Genteel Revolution: Practical Refinementsof New England’s Middling Sorts”; short-term fellowship.

Sarah M.Iepson,Doctoral Candidate; Temple University;“Postmortem Relationships: Death and the Child in Antebellum American Visual Culture”; short-term fellowship.

Sarah Keyes,Ph.D. Candidate;University of Southern California;“Circling Back: Migration to the Pacific and the Reconfiguration of America, 1820-1900”; short-term fellowship.

MelanieKiechle,Ph.D. Candidate; Rutgers University;“The Air We Breathe: Nineteenth-Century Americansand the Search for Fresh Air”; short-term fellowship.

AlisonKlaum,Ph.D. Candidate; University of Delaware;“Pressing Flowers: The Construction of Nature and the Preservation of Culture in Eighteenth-and Nineteenth-Century American Print”; dissertation fellowship.

AncaI.Lasc,Ph.D. Candidate;University of Southern California;“Publishing the Interior in Nineteenth-Century Paris, 1852-1914”; short-term fellowship.

Whitney A.Martinko,Ph.D. Candidate;University of Virginia;“Progress through Preservation: History on the American Landscape in an Age of Improvement, 1790-1860”; short-term fellowship.

Carol A.Medlicott,Assistant Professor;Northern Kentucky University;“NowByMy Motion: theLife Journey of Issachar Bates”; short-term fellowship.

Consuela G. Metzger,Lecturer;University of Austin, School of Information;“The Material Culture of Bound Record-keeping Structures in America before 1860”; short-term fellowship.

Christopher C. Oliver,Ph.D. Candidate; University of Virginia;“Civic Visions: The Panorama and Popular Amusement in American Art and Society, 1845-1870”; dissertation fellowship.

Katie A.Pfohl,Ph.D. Candidate; Harvard University;“Abstraction’s Islamic Antecedents: American Modernism and Islamic Art, 1830-1930”; dissertation fellowship.

Madelyn Shaw,Independent Scholar for theAmerican Textile History Museum;“Homefront& Battlefield: The CivilWarThroughQuilts & Context”; short-term fellowship.

David J. Silverman,Associate Professor; George Washington University;“Thundersticks: Firearms and the Transformation ofNative America”; short-term fellowship.

Ryan K. Smith,Associate Professor of History;Virginia Commonwealth University;“Robert Morris’s Folly: The Architectural and Financial Failures of an American Founder”; short-term fellowship.

Andrea M. Truitt,ChipstoneProject Assistant;University of Wisconsin-Madison;“Neither Inside nor Outside: Cozy Corners and Their Role as Intermediaries of Interiority”; short-term fellowship.

Jennifer Van Horn,Instructor;Smithsonian/Corcoran History of Decorative Arts;“The Object of Civility and the Art of Politeness in British America”; National Endowment for the Humanities postdoctoral fellowship.

Marie vonMöller, Independent Scholar;“Art History and Paintings Conservation in the Twentieth Century”; short-term fellowship.

BärbelWöhlke,Doctoral Candidate;TechnischeUniversitätDresden;“From the Boy to the Man: Visualizing Masculinity in American Genre Paintings, 1800-1870”; short-term fellowship.


Matthew Bailey, Doctoral Candidate;Washington University in St. Louis;“Materiality in American Painting”; short-term fellowship.

Alice Barnaby, Doctoral Candidate;University of Exeter;“Cultural Practices of Illumination, 1780-1840”; short-term fellowship.

ChristinaBisulca,Doctoral Candidate; University of Arizona;“Reconstructing aLost N. C. Wyeth Illustration”; short-term fellowship.

Jennifer Black,Ph.D. Student;University of Southern California;“Branding Trust: Advertising, Legitimacy, and Trademarks in US Popular Culture, 1876-1930”; dissertation fellowship.

Michael Block, Doctoral Candidate;University of Southern California;“New England Merchants, the China Trade, and the Origins of California”; short-term fellowship.

JenniferCarlquist,M.A. Candidate;Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum;“The Antiquarian Career of J. A. Lloyd Hyde: Americana Business as Pleasure”; short-term fellowship.

Laurie Churchman,Assistant Professor of Fine Art; University of Pennsylvania;“The Art and Craft of Sign Painting”; short term fellowship.

JenniferEgloff,Ph.D. Candidate; New York University;“Popular Numeracy in Early Modern England and British North America”; dissertation fellowship.

Robert P.Emlen,University Curator; Brown University;“Picturing the Shakers: Illustrating Shaker Life in the Popular Pressof Nineteenth-Century America”; short-term fellowship.

ErnestFreeberg,Associate Professor of History;University of Tennessee, Knoxville;“Incandescent America: A Cultural History of the Light Bulb; short-term fellowship.

ChristianGoodwillie,Curator of Rare Books and Special Collections; Hamilton College Library;“Hancock Shaker Village Guidebook and IsaacNewton Young’s ‘Concise View’”; short-term fellowship.

Margaret K. Hofer,Curator of Decorative Arts;The New-York Historical Society;“Silver at The New-York Historical Society”; short-term fellowship.

AbigailLundelius,Doctoral Candidate; University of South Carolina;“Shall We Gather at the Table?”;short-term fellowship.

Aaron McCullough,Doctoral Candidate;Michigan State University;“Masculine Interiors and Transnational Commodities, 1880-1920”; short-term fellowship.

Roderick McDonald, Professor of History; Rider University;“The Ethnography and Pornography of Slavery: Dr. Jonathan Troup’s Journal of Dominica, 1789-1791”; National Endowment for the Humanities postdoctoral fellowship.

JohnLardasModern,AssistantProfessor of Religious Studies;Franklin &Marshall College;“Haunted Modernity; or, the Metaphysics of Secularism in Antebellum America”; National Endowment for the Humanities postdoctoral fellowship.

TanyaPohrt,Doctoral Candidate; University of Delaware;“Touring Pictures: The Exhibition of American HistoryPaintings in the Early Republic”; short-term fellowship.

Kate Smith,Doctoral Candidate; University of Warwick;“Eighteenth-Century British Ceramics Industry – Ideas of Skill and Workmanship”; short-term fellowship.

Arden Stern,Doctoral Candidate;University of California, Irvine;“Slanted, Shredded, and Simulated: A Cultural History of the Unruly Typeface”; short-term fellowship.

JosephStubenrauch, Doctoral Candidate; University of Indiana;“Faith in Goods: Evangelicalism, Materiality, and Consumer Culture in Nineteenth-Century Britain”; short-term fellowship.

AnneVerplanck,Independent Scholar;“The Graphic Arts in Philadelphia, 1780-1880”; short-term fellowship.

(Video) Winterthur Museum debuts their holiday train display!


Is Winterthur worth a visit? ›

Winterthur has a rich cultural heritage that dates back to the Roman era. The city has several historic landmarks and museums, including the Museum Oskar Reinhart, the Winterthur Photo Museum, and the Winterthur Natural Museum.

Do you have to pay to walk around Winterthur? ›

Guests to Winterthur must purchase a ticket if they are not a current Member. Purchase tickets or consider becoming a Member today Winterthur Members enjoy unlimited free general admission and daily dawn-to-dusk access to the estate.

What is Winterthur known for? ›

Winterthur is the premier museum of American decorative arts, with an unparalleled collection of nearly 90,000 objects made or used in America since 1640. The collection is displayed in the magnificent 175-room house, much as it was when the family of founder Henry Francis du Pont called it home.

Who owns Winterthur? ›

H. F. du Pont now owned his beloved Winterthur and some $50 million besides. From the colonel he inherited something else of great value— his freedom.

Is Winterthur the same as Longwood Gardens? ›

Winterthur is located minutes from Longwood Gardens and other Brandywine Valley attractions—including world-class museums, gardens, and historic sites.

How long is the Winterthur tour? ›

See highlights of the garden and learn the history of Winterthur on this 30-minute narrated tour. The tour begins at the Visitor Center and ends at the museum. Stops include Azalea Woods, Magnolia Bend, and Enchanted Woods.

Are Winterthur tickets good for 2 days? ›

Members can walk every day from dawn to dusk. Please check the Hours page for current operating hours. Admission tickets are good for two consecutive days.

What town is Winterthur Delaware in? ›

Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library
Nearest cityWilmington, Delaware
Coordinates39°48′21″N 75°36′03″W
Area979 acres (396 ha)
9 more rows

What does Winterthur mean in English? ›

Winterthur. / (German ˈvɪntərtuːr) / noun. an industrial town in NE central Switzerland, in Zürich canton: has the largest technical college in the country.

Why is it called Winterthur? ›

du Pont de Nemours & Co. In 1837 the couple purchased 450 acres from her father's estate, built a 12-room Greek Revival house, and named the property Winterthur in honor of Antoine's ancestral home in Switzerland. Over the years they developed flower, fruit, and vegetable gardens.

Which du Pont owned Winterthur? ›

Henry Francis du Pont had three lifelong passions: gardening, breeding cattle, and collecting American antiques. Gardening was his greatest. Even after he turned his home into a museum in 1951, he kept ownership of the garden until his death in 1969.

What language is spoken in Winterthur? ›

The official language of Winterthur is German, but the main spoken language is the local variant of the Alemannic Swiss German dialect, Zürich German. Winterthur is usually abbreviated as Winti in the local dialect and by its inhabitants.

How many kilometers from zurich to Winterthur? ›

How far is it from Zürich to Winterthur? The distance between Zürich and Winterthur is 20 km. The road distance is 25.7 km.

Is Winterthur good place to live? ›


This cozy little German-speaking city is the country's sixth-largest and has a surprisingly large expat population. This makes it a great place to get settled in your new Swiss home, and with Zurich just a twenty-minute train ride away, you won't be far from the bustle of the big city, either.


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(This House)
3. Winterthur Winter Bloom Report
4. Henry Francis du Pont speaks about Winterthur
5. Peonies, Primroses, and Azaleas in the Winterthur Garden
6. Trail Walk!
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