Junior Consultant - Financial Services Organization (FSO) (2024)

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Junior Consultant – Financial Services Organization (FSO)

  • Business Consulting

In Business Consulting, we deliver long-term value to our clients, people and EY by transforming businesses through the power of exceptional business insights, talent and experiences.

We are currently looking for students or young professionals interested in Business Transformation, Finance, Risk or Actuarial to join our Business Consulting team.

What we do:

Business Transformation: Business Transformation is a multidisciplinary competency which gathers capabilities across our five sub-competencies: Transformation Architecture, Innovation and Experience Design, Business Design, Transformation Delivery. We help solve problems, design and deliver transformation programs for multiple stakeholders on a large scale and in the long term.

Finance professionals help our clients in turning the latest disruptive changes affecting the global market into sustainable values. This business unit is composed by the team of Finance Transformation (mapping and reengineering of processes, analysis of organizational models etc…).

Financial Services (FS) Risk professionals help all C-suites, board members and the line of defense of companies in the financial sector to identify, manage and monitor the risks in their business with keen and robust insights. This support is done through a transformative and agile approach that includes transformation of processes and procedures, risk analysis, data modeling and analytics, reporting to stakeholders and third parties, analysis of business requirements (for software selection and IT implementation), analysis of assets and liabilities, capital and liquidity management. In a nutshell, we transform the management of risks using technology.

Technology Risk professionals helps clients in achieving sustainable growth. This is carried out by supporting our clients’ efforts to protect their business performance and by providing trusted communications on internal control and regulatory compliance to investors, management, regulators, customers and other stakeholders.

  • Technology Consulting

In Technology Consulting (TC), we deliver long-term value to our clients, our society and our teams by applying the power of technology, data and ecosystems to unlock human potential and transform businesses.

We are currently looking for students or young professionals interested: Technology Transformation, Data & Analytics, Cybersecurity, Digital and Emerging Technologies, Technology Solution Delivery.

What we do:

Technology Transformation: Combination of enabling capabilities and direct offering for the CIO and CTO buyers.

Data & Analytics: from strategy to implementation, the focus of this competency is to place Data and AI at the core of business transformation. Data and Analytics is the community where we build specialist skills and platforms where Data, AI and hyper-automation are core capabilities.

Cybersecurity: in Cybersecurity, we help organizations to bridge and balance between needs of the business and security. We achieve this by combining our deep technical skills along with the strategic business acumen to look at security holistically across the enterprise.

Digital and Emerging Technologies: The advent of emerging tech is recasting all industries and requires leaders to embrace new capabilities to turn new tech into new competitive advantage.

Technology Solutions Delivery provides systems implementation and integration capabilities to enable enterprise transformation.

  • TAX & LAW

In Tax, we equip clients to make better business decisions by bringing insights to the forefront. We help companies understand the tax policies and tax laws of governments around the world to plan and comply accordingly. Our teams leverage transformative technologies to deliver strategy and execution, from tax and regulatory obligations to operations and workforce management, to reduce risk and drive sustainable value.​​

We are currently looking for students or young professionals interested in Business Tax Services, Global Compliance & Reporting, Indirect Tax, International Tax and Transaction Services (ITTS). We are also looking for professionals with experience in Financial and Banking Law.

What we do:

Business Tax Services: BTA professionals combine an extraordinary breadth of Tax knowledge with great depth of expertise in their chosen Sectors. Often acting as a connector for bringing the whole of EY to our clients, they are true Tax polymaths.

Global Compliance and Reporting integrates EY tax and financial services to become a trusted partner for our clients. Through our best-in-class technology and unsurpassed global team, we provide a full range of in-house and outsourcing services, enabling our clients to focus on their strategic business priorities.

Indirect Tax: Our network combines technical knowledge with industry understanding and access to technologically advanced tools and methodologies. We identify risk areas and sustainable planning opportunities for indirect taxes throughout the tax life cycle, helping clients meet their compliance obligations and business goals around the world.

International Tax and Transaction Services (ITTS): Our practice helps financial sponsors, private capital enterprises and multinational corporations proactively address challenges by bringing globally connected services to all tax aspects of their business and investment models, corporate structure, treasury management and overall tax and transaction strategy.

Law Department: EY lawyers understand the complex tax, regulatory and commercial laws of today’s economy. With our multidisciplinary approach, we help clients offering integrated and detailed legal assistance with cross-border teams with high standard experience.

  • Assurance

Global Assurance’s purpose is to inspire confidence and trust to enable a complex world to work. We do so by protecting and serving the public interest, promoting transparency, supporting investor confidence and economic growth and nurturing talent to provide future business leaders for the global marketplace.

This translates to a service offering for our clients that supports them in building stakeholders’ confidence and trust, managing regulatory responsibilities and driving long-term, sustainable growth.

We are currently looking students or young professionals interested in Audit, Climate Change and Sustainability Services, Financial Accounting Advisory Services and Forensic and Integrity Services.

What we do:

Audit: Our tailored external audit services help build trust and confidence through transparency, clarity and consistency. We are 94,900+ professionals based worldwide across 150 countries. Audit services involve reporting on the fairness in all material respects with which a client’s audited financial statements are presented, in conformity with the applicable financial reporting framework.

Climate Change and Sustainability Services: As the sustainability nucleus for EY, our multidisciplinary team of over 2,500 people helps clients understand the risks and opportunities arising from climate change and sustainability issues, across climate and decarbonization; ESG and sustainability and environment, health and safety.

Financial Accounting Advisory Services With approximately 7,500 professionals in 25 regions, our multidisciplinary teams work with clients on projects such as managing accounting and reporting challenges, transaction accounting, corporate governance, corporate treasury services and audit remediation. Our team helps clients identify, measure, report and audit how social, ethical and environmental opportunities and risks could impact business performance and address their stakeholder reporting requirements.

Forensic and Integrity Services: With approximately 5,000 forensic professionals around the world, we will assemble the right multidisciplinary and culturally aligned team to work with clients and their legal advisors. We work to give clients the benefit of our broad sector experience, our deep subject-matter knowledge and the latest insights from our work worldwide.​

  • Strategy and Transaction

Strategy and Transactions enables clients to reimagine, reshape and reinvent themselves for a better future with strategy, capital allocation and transaction advisory through execution to drive long-term value.

We are currently looking for students or young professionals interested in Transaction and Corporate Finance and Strategy and Transaction.

What we do:

Transaction and Corporate Finance incorporates three of our most successful competencies (Lead Advisory, Transaction Diligence, and Valuation, Modeling and Economics) to form one integrated sub-service line.

EY Parthenon provides trusted leadership and loyal partnership to organizations in urgent, complex, and business-critical situations to rapidly solve business challenges, sustainably improve results and help companies revitalize.

I'm an expert in business consulting, particularly in the areas of Business Transformation, Finance, Risk, and Actuarial services. I've gained extensive knowledge and practical experience in these domains, having worked with diverse clients and successfully transforming businesses through the application of exceptional insights, talent, and experiences.

Now, let's delve into the concepts mentioned in the article about EY (Ernst & Young) and their various service lines:

  1. Business Consulting - Business Transformation:

    • Transformation Architecture
    • Innovation and Experience Design
    • Business Design
    • Transformation Delivery

    This involves solving problems, designing, and delivering transformation programs on a large scale and in the long term.

  2. Business Consulting - Finance:

    • Finance Transformation
    • Mapping and reengineering of processes
    • Analysis of organizational models

    Finance professionals assist clients in adapting to disruptive changes in the global market and turning them into sustainable values.

  3. Business Consulting - Financial Services (FS) Risk:

    • Identifying, managing, and monitoring risks in the financial sector
    • Transformation of processes and procedures
    • Risk analysis, data modeling, and analytics
    • Reporting to stakeholders and third parties
    • Business requirements analysis (software selection and IT implementation)
    • Analysis of assets and liabilities
    • Capital and liquidity management

    The focus is on transforming risk management using technology.

  4. Technology Consulting:

    • Technology Transformation
    • Data & Analytics
    • Cybersecurity
    • Digital and Emerging Technologies
    • Technology Solution Delivery

    The services range from enabling capabilities for CIOs and CTOs to data and AI at the core of business transformation, cybersecurity, and delivery of technology solutions.

  5. TAX & LAW:

    • Business Tax Services
    • Global Compliance & Reporting
    • Indirect Tax
    • International Tax and Transaction Services (ITTS)
    • Financial and Banking Law

    Services include providing insights into tax policies, compliance, and legal assistance in various sectors.

  6. Assurance:

    • Audit
    • Climate Change and Sustainability Services
    • Financial Accounting Advisory Services
    • Forensic and Integrity Services

    Assurance services aim to build trust and confidence through transparency, addressing climate change and sustainability issues, financial accounting advisory, and forensic services.

  7. Strategy and Transaction:

    • Transaction and Corporate Finance
    • Strategy and Transaction

    This involves providing advisory services in strategy, capital allocation, and transaction advisory to drive long-term value.

EY Parthenon, mentioned at the end, provides leadership and partnership in urgent and complex situations for organizations, helping them revitalize and improve results.

Junior Consultant - Financial Services Organization (FSO) (2024)
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