Interim Dean, School Of Math & Science at College of the Desert (2023)

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Interim Dean, School Of Math & Science at College of the Desert

Job Information

Date Posted: 1/27/2023 Application Deadline: 4/22/2023 11:55 PM Pacific
Employment Type: Full Time Length of Work Year: 12 Months
Salary: DOE Number Openings: (At time of posting) 1
Contact: COD Human Resources Email:
Phone: 7607732529

Job Description / Essential Elements: Print

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Interim Dean, School Of Math & Science
Job Type: Leadership
Department: School of Math & Science Dept
Basic Function:
This is an interim assignment.
THE POSITIONThe Interim Dean, School of Mathematics and Science, is an Educational Administrator position as designated by the Board of Trustees of the Desert Community College District. The Interim Dean is charged by the Board of Trustees with the satisfactory implementation of Board policy and district or college procedures as applicable to the position. In addition, the Interim Dean is expected to make appropriate recommendations for modifications, additions, or deletions in policy and/or through the appropriate reporting authority.
Under the direction of the Vice President, Student Learning, the Interim Dean is responsible for the leadership of the School by planning, managing, coordinating, scheduling, and evaluating the activities of the academic disciplines in the Mathematics and Science School (including Mathematics, Astronomy, Biology, Computer Science, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Geology, Engineering, Physics), the MESA program, and other related duties and responsibilities assigned. The Interim Dean directs, manages and evaluates the faculty and other personnel and the facilities comprising the instructional areas. The Interim Dean coordinates and evaluates instructional programs in the assigned School.
• Interim Leadership position. Range XI on the• For more information about College of the Desert,• Click read the President's message.
Representative Duties:
• Develop and supervise School instruction occurring in the day, evening, summer, and intersession periods; develop class schedules to respond to student needs, produce a high quality comprehensive educational program, and meet FTES targets; use facilities effectively.• Evaluate the needs of the School in the context of the overall educational program; work collaboratively with faculty in program assessment and improvement; evaluate the need for new programs and support new program development.• Evaluate student and community needs, external requirements and regulations and current trends to develop program modifications and improvements. Develop institutional understanding and awareness of the economic growth and stability trends and issues of cities and counties, and or, business within the district boundaries. Translate these trends and issues into appropriate training and instructional responses by the College and determine the most appropriate form of instruction i.e.: credit, non-credit or not-for credit; fee-based or FTES.• Develop joint venture responses, in partnership with other public agencies and the private sector, to the economic and development needs of the region; participate in statewide community college economic development initiatives designed to strengthen the local and California economy.• Work collaboratively with faculty in School and other School Deans on planning and prioritization; participate with the administrative team to set goals and priorities.• Coordinate and articulate program needs and curriculum identified by faculty, students, and the community. Provide leadership for School program development and articulation with feeder schools and transfer institutions.• Work effectively and collaboratively with the Director, Education Centers, regarding EVC and WVC course offerings.• Provide leadership in the recruitment and hiring of full-time and adjunct faculty and support staff.• Supervise all faculty and staff within the instructional and non-instructional program areas; supervise workload; provide in-service training; resolve conflicts; facilitate consensus decision-making.• Evaluate all faculty and staff in accordance with the contracts between the District and employee groups.• Regularly schedule and chair faculty and staff meetings and special meetings as needed; serve on regular and special committees as assigned by the Vice President of Instruction; represent School concerns and needs to the Vice President of Instruction; participate in the Academic Senate; and work effectively and collaboratively with Student Affairs.• Prepare budget estimates; administer and monitor approved budgets; prepare and manage contracts for services and equipment, including donations and grants within the School.• Coordinate scheduling of course sections in appropriate facilities; monitor classroom and lab facilities for adequate equipment, supplies and safety; work collaboratively with the appropriate departments including Maintenance & Operations and Information Technology to maintain equipment and facilities.• Lead Perkins mandated Program Advisory Groups and ensure compliance with all policies and guidelines for funding.• Lead the effort in Perkins planning, budget development, budget allocation and reporting.• Provide leadership for the College’s Economic and Workforce Development activities.• Assist in student recruitment, advising, placement, registration, and retention.• Understand information technology and support fundamental changes that are emerging with expanded use of technologies in the educational environment.• Meet schedules and timelines, organize multiple projects efficiently and effectively, and carry out required project details throughout the year.• Interpret county, state and federal policy and legislation governing the administration, regulations and perform other related duties.• Develop and manage grants and special projects.• Represent the School and the college in community related activities.• Support innovative teaching ideas and practices to enhance student learning; support learning-centered instructional methodology.• Seek and participate in professional development activities.• Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.
REQUIRED PROFICIENCIESThe Interim Dean should possess knowledge, experience and abilities to perform the above listed responsibilities and functions in an efficient, effective, harmonious manner.
Minimum Qualifications:
MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONSThe Desert Community College District has established the following hiring criteria for all educational administrative positions:
Minimum qualifications for service as an Educational Administrator shall be both of the following in accordance with Title 5 section 53420:
• Possession of a master’s degree; and• Two (2) years of formal training, internship, or leadership experience reasonably related to the administrator’s administrative assignment.
Preferred Qualifications:
Knowledge of:
The Interim Dean must have the ability to exercise honesty, consistency, and sound judgment in the performance of duties; understanding of the mission and student population of California Community Colleges and the Coachella Valley; ability to work in the interests of the college as a whole; ability to work productively in a shared governance setting; strong interpersonal skills to communicate effectively with diverse constituencies within and outside the District; understanding of the intent and application of student learning outcomes; familiarity with requirements for prerequisites and course equivalencies; familiarity with new educational technologies; ability to plan, organize, direct, administer, review, and evaluate programs and services. The Dean must possess knowledge of principles and practices of general management and supervision; laws and regulations governing California Community Colleges, career and technical education programs, Perkins funds, and Economic and Workforce Development programs and activities; district policies and procedures; budgeting; procedures for accreditation; curriculum development; teaching methods and techniques.
Ability to:
Physical Demands:
Working Conditions: WORKING CONDITIONS:This is an Interim positionEnvironment: Office environment. Constant interruptions. Driving a vehicle to conduct work as necessary. Requires evening and weekend responsibility.
Full Time/Part Time: Full Time
Weekly Working Hours: 40
Work Schedule & Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - 8am - 5pm
Salary Schedule Range: Leadership XI
Specific Departmental Needs:
Posting Number: 23-005
Number of Vacancies: 1
Desired Start Date:
Interview Date: 02/15/2023
Posting Open Date: 01/26/2023
Posting Close Date: 2/9/2023
Open Until Filled: No
Special Instructions to Applicants:
Special Instructions SummaryApplications missing any of the required documents listed will not be considered. The following documents are required at the time of application:
• Online Application: Please fill out your online application completely with all requested details.• Resume: Must include length of employment (month/year start & end dates) for each employer.• Cover Letter: Please address how you meet the minimum requirements for this position and any special qualifications you possess.
• Required References: Professional References should include at least: 2 supervisors, 2 direct reports, 2 management level colleagues, 2 faculty. Include name, title, relationship and current phone numbers. Applicants from sectors other than education should submit comparable references.
• For consideration complete qualifying applications must be received by February 9th.• After submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation number. If you do not receive a confirmation number, your application has not been submitted.
To apply, visit
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College of the Desert

Application Deadline

4/22/2023 11:55 PM Pacific

Date Posted



COD Human Resources

Number of Openings




Length of Work Year

12 Months

Employment Type

Full Time

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