Total Body HIIT weights, Step Workout, HIIT Step Weights Workout at home

Grab your weights and your step or bench for this Total Body Step HIIT Weights Workout. This HIIT Workout starts with 8 Minutes of Cardio/Step and goes right …

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  1. I love this workout!! I have to modify slightly because im using a stool and its up HIGHER…so i work harder through the stepping and then with the intervals i just do the moves OFF the stool cause its too high I'm not a super hero. I'm having a hard time finding workouts that make me reach my peak heart rate..this kept me at peak or near peak for a big majority..thank you!!

  2. Excellent set of weights!>>> I start with these for motivation, then I get on my BOWFLEX M3 MAX TRAINER! I can do cardio and strength in the same workout! I do a set of reps for three different muscles, then after I do a set for each of those muscles, I FEEL ENERGIZED TO HOP ON MY ELLIPTICAL (the M3) FOR 20 MINUTES, then I get off and do 2 more sets for those three different muscle groups, and I'm done!! Excellent equipment, just gotta keep doing it at least 5 times a week!

  3. Hi Shelly, we love your workout, it`s amazing, but a lot`s of people ask you about music on linked website…..can you help and ANSWER which track it is??? It is impossible to find…Thank you

  4. Hi, can anybody tell me what's the step brand please! Or what is the best size for a step. I want to buy the right on. So I can do all the exercise including the ones lying on the step. Thank you!

  5. This was one of my favorites from you! Hell yea! The workout and the music mix! I’m going to purchase this mix and use these exercises plus a few more l have set for my bootcamp and total body conditioning classes!

  6. I haven't done this one in a while – just LOVED it! The BEAT during the warm up is fantastic – great music throughout 💦 Thanks Shelly 😍

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