Calorie Burn Challenge: HIIT vs PLYO

My fat loss training and nutrition guide (10 week programme, approved by GB Olympic Team expert) + MOVE (how I train): …

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  1. Hey my friends! ♥️ I always think great training is about knowing what tools are available to you. You know I always recommend a slow, balanced approach and the mindset that it’s a lifestyle and not about one workout, this one’s just to get you thinking about how you could mix up your HIIT 🙏💪

    Also, congratulations to the giveaway winners!! Thank you to everyone who entered! You've been amazing and I'll be doing more (though the prize will be different❤️) in the future!! xxxx

  2. She is too stinking adorable. And the fact that she makes these f*** this s*** faces during the workouts when she's getting so exhausted makes her completely relatable to many of us. (I'd be doused in sweat though )And damn those are some nice gyms she goes to… Jealous!

  3. Great video! Some great inspiration for future workouts.
    I noticed you were using the stopwatch on your phone. I use an app called Seconds which allows you to time your rounds as well as your rest period. Means you don’t have to focus on the timer but rather on your workout!

  4. I'd love videos about the basic principles of your workout types (like a short explanation about PLYO etc.) ☺️ not sure if you already have a video about it ❤️

  5. Thanks for that video, it was super helpful for me, because lately I'm struggling so much with fatigue during my workouts. I will definitely try it with a longer rest time! Thanks so much again! ❤️

  6. "A-u-guste Doodooteetay? Is that Eyetalian?!" Ahahahah, are you sure you have french origins, Natacha? 🙂 You're unstoppable by the way, your videos are very informative, honest, thoughtful, and relatable. Big thankyous from a new subscriber/fan.

  7. i would love to try classes like this but because of my heart medication my heart is kept at a certain rate :/ how can i still sport and stay fit i wonder 🙁

  8. I absolutely adore how you word things. There’s always something I can take away from your videos. You had me at “time efficiency doesn’t always mean effectiveness and if we have a little more time maybe we can be more effective”!! That was my motto for roughly a year when I was focused on building muscle and I never knew how to explain to non-regular-gym-goers why I was in the gym for over an hour each session!

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