30 Minute HIIT Home Cardio Workout with no Equipment – High Intensity Cardio Routine

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  1. Can you do a cardio workout that will make me sweat in a chair? I have pelvic floor issues and need safe exercises sitting in a chair, but want to get my heart rate up. Way up! Sweating! It's hard to find.

  2. I have been doing a few of these cardio work outs for roughly 45 minutes a day for the past 2 weeks but instead of losing weight on the scales I have gone up a few pounds I don't get it.

  3. Hi Coach, any breathing tips for the exercises? I get the job done but at times i have to pause in between because i cannot catch my breath. Breathing tips will definitely be appreciated. TIA.

  4. Challenging even with no weight, didn't hurt my joints and got me sweating! Gave me the calorie burn I wanted without making me so sore I could not to anything else. I fit in another walk prior to bed.

  5. I REALLY liked this 1 because it gives my wrists a much needed break. I hope you’ll have more of this and state it in your title for quick and easy access. Thanks!

  6. Late to the party, but is this a good daily workout for someone trying to get and stay in shape? Or do you suggest alternating with other workouts? Realllllllly new to this, it was my first ever full exercise 😅 Thanks so very much for the outstanding motivation and workout!

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