30 Minute Brutal HIIT Workout without Weights w/ Millionaire Hoy – High Intensity Training Exercises

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  1. Sup Millionaire Hoy, every since I've been doing your workouts, I have lost a tremendous amount of weight and I have gotten tone…I miss you and I love you bro..please come back..its always the good ones that have to go..

  2. Too complicated sometimes and I ever felt the burn in my abs at all! Guess this one isn't for me waste of time I suppose. Heard you were great though but what the fuck are you doing

  3. Me and my boyfriend used to workout to his videos religiously a few years go. So sad not to see him growing his channel anymore. This video still kicked my butt again. I’ll be working out to the few videos he has left on here

  4. Hoy, I teach in a low income school in Idaho. We used your stretching videos every week. Now we can no longer use them, sorry to lose this opportunity. Just wondering if there was anything we could do to get access? Thanks Don

  5. Why just 846 likes and 56k views ??? Why the hell cant we all press the like button if we are viewing it. This is is the reason why this guy left youtube and trust me its a huge loss for all us. Whenhe can put in so much of eeforts , why cant we just click a like button !??? Is it that tough????I am a big fan of millionaire hoy and would request you all to appreciate him if you like his workout. Anyways ,he has left youtube and that is a shame for all of us.

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