10 Minute HIIT Workout (Follow Along!)

For more tips and tricks to building your dream body use my free fitness tool – http://vshred.fit/10MinHIIT Follow Along HIIT Workout: 20 seconds on / 10 second …

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  1. I did this workout this morning because today was another rest day on the 90 day program…I felt "bad" yesterday while resting so the other option for today was to do a "HIIT" workout & boy it hurt me so much to follow along, lol. But I am glad I did it! Also… I could barely do the jumping lunges, lol.

  2. Greetings from Singapore! Thanks so much for your sharing. Appreciate it! One question – should one include HIIT in the workout? If yes, is it better to do so after workout? If no, should HIIT be a stand-alone separate one? Many thanks!

  3. Hi did this along with you.
    Pretty heavy, so made de time of rest 5sec longer.
    But it felt good. But can you make video there you have co hoste (a womaΜ‚n/girl) for specific work out.
    And no burning fat or lozing weight but for the toning and musle.

  4. Fuck… that totally kicked my ass following through haha. At first I saw it, was like hmm this is too easy. 10 minutes def makes it more tricky. Do you have a tutorial on kick-throughs? I'm not sure I got the right form

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