High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) – Maximum Results, Minimum Time

High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, enjoys the benefits of both steady cardio AND weight lifting. The body burns fat 3x faster than steady cardio, while …

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  1. I guess I have to clear something up for all the powerlifters out there. This video is NOT saying that weightlifting or powerlifting makes you fat. This video is merely stating that if your goal is to get lean, then weightlifting alone, especially single rep sets, will not get you a sculpted physique. There are many powerlifters that are ripped. The point here is to show you that HIIT enjoys the benefits of BOTH weightlifting and steady cardio. Hopefully people out there are smart enough to understand the overall message here…and not get emotional when they see a fat powerlifter.

  2. To go gym for 2 hours to chat with people & make 3 series of bench press during that 2 hours is the best way to destroy yourself,.. 20-30 mins of quick high intensity with periods of rest gave me optimum results..,

  3. Better go check Brad Schoenfeld's info on weightliftng and its benefits. There's nothing like weightlifting (and I don't lift, I'm not a gym rat, at least not a weight gym rat). As a general rule, if you have to choose between cardio and weightlifting as an all-around exercise, go for weightlifting.

    I don't know to what extent HIIT is useful for building muscle. I have been doing HIIT for about 8 months-1 year as a warm up before starting my kick boxing training and although its great for building resistance and muscular strength to a certain extent, it's been useless for hypertrophy, which is why I had to start going to a weightlifting gym (today actually :p) besides the kickboxing gym, otherwise I'll get too slim and that's not good if I want to move to a heavier weight class and/or want to look more athetic.

    Still, kudos to you for promoting healthier lifestyles in this world of couch potatoes. Just be careful about what you recommend your audience to do. Peace.

  4. Is this supposed to make me do crossfit… because it won't, also, weightlifting does burn quite a lot of calories, plus it burns more at rest, HIIT is simply more efficient cardio for people who would rather do 15-30min of cardio and gas themselves out (like me) than do a long drawn out session. Both will yield similar results, one just takes less time

  5. You only showed fat powerlifters, some of them are actually pretty skinny, no one can have a 6 pack and drink lard all day, you should have used a fairer example to represent them

  6. I first wanna say, cool video dude! And now for all of those comments out there criticizing and saying that there needs more research and "proof" that anything in this video works, why don't YOU provide that for us then? Until I see something that can disprove the advice that this video is providing and that there is something better, I'm sticking to this. I'm looking for the best, or at least, the most beneficial workout routines and diets that can BOTH help me lose weight AND gain muscle; simultaneously or not. And this video helped a little. Again, good video.

  7. This video is complete nonsense. If you had just done some research you’d have discovered that building muscle and burning fat simultaneously does NOT work. HIIT is not superior to LISS. The best form of cardio depends on other factors, like your goal, your other training and your fatigue management. Dont believe everything just because its on the internet, peeps.

  8. I don't understand these new fitness trends. Cardio to loose weight lift heavy iron for gainz period. Why complicate something so simple.

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