45 Min HIIT Strength and Cardio Workout at Home – Cardio and Strength Training Workouts with Weights

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  1. Damn I could only get through the strength part, by the time it got to cardio i was ready to pass out and had to stop haha. maybe one day i'll get through the entire vid!

  2. I've completed many of your workouts, some longer than this and with a bigger calorie burn (or a couple different ones combined) but this one kicked my butt for some reason. Loved it! One of my new favorites.

  3. I'm very much overweight, been working out for over a year now (sparingly in the last few months due to an injury) but I was able to do this workout! More breaks than they gave, and I did some of the advance, some of the mods.. But even someone who is very overweight can do this! You can too!!! PS I'm dripping sweat….

  4. man this one was a KILLER. wasnt my most effective cardio workout towards the end but i stuck through it because of you guys' motivational talk and because i knew i wasnt the only one suffering that burn and pain. im gonna support you guys on patreon as soon as i acquire a stable income! (im a student)

  5. Great workout, I'm dripping sweat, but can you PLEAAASSSEE add a count down clock?? I do so much better when I know the end point, so I know how many seconds I need to work hard for!! I was literally crying and cursing with the plank punches!! Thank you!!!

  6. That was great guys. You got me moving off my total knee replacement with your seated exercises 10 weeks ago. Three months post Op and I've graduated to this – and 10 kilos have disappeared. Thank you. Big fist bumps and things.

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