30 Minute HIIT Fat Burn Workout | Train With Mitchelton-Scott

Join Matt Stephens with pro cyclists Simon and Adam Yates from Mitchelton-Scott for this 30 minute High Intensity Interval Session. Subscribe to GCN: …

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  1. I’ve never cycled before. Since I literally rode my bike for hours as a kid I thought this would be a piece of cake…. my legs were on FIRE the entire time! I Worked up a proper sweat. Great workout to end my day!

  2. Needs a better editing job on the promos. I don't mind them during recovery, warm up etc but a 5 sec spot in the middle of an intense interval tends to throw you off and subsequently cause you to delete the product from memory. What was it? Whiz? Cheese Whiz.com? Spoils a wonderful workout vid. And replace the time too. Ffs.

  3. Haha, what an ending twist….loved it, but it hurt as hell:) Love these vids, help´s me keep up the motivation thrue the winterseason. But It would be sweet being at a bike-trip in Gran Canaria right now. Keep up!! 🙂

  4. me sprinting full gas then hear sorry guys its a minute sprint

    tried holding on as long as possible but faded towards the last 20 seconds still put the pain through

  5. Can someone please explain to me the effort level graph .I don't get how I'm supposed to know of I'm on thre right level . Sorry for my english it's not good

  6. Wow! this training is amazing. Done it 6 days in a row with low carb, no sweets diet and I’ve lost 5 lbs so far. I know it’s part water but man what a way to jumpstart my lost weight plan. Thanks Matt and Yatsie twins. You guys rock!

  7. 'Safe to do five days a week? Do you recommend stretching before and after?
    Really good workout videos by GCN.I have the incumbant bike right now but looking to purchase this kind in the video.

  8. Yo GCN! I love your training videos, and I don't even know if you have control over this but I genuinely had an add pause the video halfway through the 4th 10/10 effort which completely threw me! (don't worry, I still finished the session).

    I get that you need to find ways to keep the content free, and I have no problems sitting through adds as they are often fairly targeted and cycling related, but if there is a way to ensure no adds in the middle of the training videos that would be great! beginning and end is fine! and even in the middle of the GCN show but please not in the middle of a balls to the wall HIIT session!


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