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  1. trying this just for fun. I'm quite used to work out but i'm doing this with my little brother who has always been reluctant to sports.
    We achieved the first day, let's see how he will go through the whole week.

  2. Hi mam. .. I suffer from knee pain…so i can't even bend my knee more…pls do a video without bending knees mam. …i dont know whether it is possible or not…but pls help me mam😒

  3. Thank SO much for all your amazing videos Lucy. Totally love this one!! I'm getting ready to go back on stage and I'm very honoured and proud to have you as my Personal Trainer. Will keep you updated on my progress :). Lots of love ❤️❤️

  4. I love Lucy’s workouts I always feel so much better after. I lost so much weight but then put it back on but now I intend to loose 3 stone by eating right abs exercising to Lucy’s videos as much I can. Just love the supportive network she’s created 😊

  5. Hi lucy can you plz show me the fastest way to loose waist tyres and back fat in one month , I want my waist to be in shape I don’t want any tyres and back waist fat please it’s my sister wedding I have only one month , if you plz help me Thanks 😊✨

  6. I love you r work outs!! I am just a starter for your 🍐 shape work out. I will soon let you know work out work on me. I love the fact no equipment s required!!love from India!!

  7. I usually don't leave comments very quickly but I want to reply on this one and say: good job on making this video! It got my heart pumping, I'm sweating and my side even hurts. I got a good workout in and most importantly: I was able to keep up with all the exercises! One note though: could you wear lighter pants next time? Sometimes I had a hard time telling whether your leg was bent or straight out ^^" This video will be my go-to for my weekly HIIT workout though!! Thanks so much!

  8. Dear Lucy, your exercises are realy awesome! Do you know is it possible get bigger calves? Could you show us how, please?! Kisses for you 😘😘❤

  9. Hello Lucy! I was really enjoying your standing workouts for a few months. But my old ankle injury started hurting a lot so now I've been looking for workouts that will not hurt my ankle. Could you please do a video for sitting/lying down exercises? That would be amazing!

  10. I do the 7 min workout to lose belly fat plus this video! I really feel the burn! Your videos are amazing! Short and fast is what gets me going! It’s been almost a month since I’ve started using your videos for working out and I have been slowly losing weight!!!!❤️Thankyou Lucy!

  11. Love you Lucy! Just like you said, some days I do a 30 minute workout, if I don’t have any time, I do a 7 minute one, I love them all! Yesterday, I had my grandkids with me for “Grandi School” and for PE we did one of your 30 minute workouts! I love the different moves in each one and they all go by so fast, really, I can see me doing these forever and never getting bored !

  12. Lucy you're such an inspiration…where were you all my life ….Jillian Michaels was my DVD trainer Now I have you …please never ever stop with these amazing results delivering videos💌.

  13. I loved this one, I went 100% and felt my heart rate going up in the best way. It was short and powerful, and went by so quickly. I get bored working out at home, but I'll have this one on repeat 🖤

  14. Hi Lucy… Im so happy to be following ur exercises since a month… Thnks a lot.. I have been feeling great everyday.. And the best part is that Im sticking to it every day!! Thanks so much.. Ur videos r very innovative.. Love u loads.. From India

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