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  1. Hi I’m a big fan of exercise and I’ve been doing many of your workouts for more than 6 months now and really enjoy it as I can do them anywhere, anytime where there’s wifi. It’s the best workout channel I have found anywhere on YouTube. Well-done! More 30-45min workouts please!!

  2. just finished it and i only skipped the burpees because we've been enemies for a while now but still, how can you do this without sweating even half the amount i do? this is insane ahah

  3. OMG IT WAS SUCH A TOUGH WORKOUT…i was already dripping tons of sweat midway… the last final burn set totally got me. I had to tweak some moves as i couldnt do them. The back workout was tough too, i found it difficult to breathe in that position. Now, i cant wait to wake up tomorrow and feel the burn!! Thanks Emi!!

  4. This is the first time I have ever done this workout! I actually started this weight-loss journey and to find a healthier me in January 2019, and a few weeks later I found one of Emi's workout videos and I've loved them and her ever since! I don't have a scale at home and I don't go to a gym or even have special workout equipment at home, but as Emi says, "All you need is a mat and a few minutes of your time." It also takes a lot more than that. You need to bring the determination and focus in every workout, maximize EVERY move especially when it hurts! ( Not like stabbing hurt but workout burn hurt 🙂 I'm not saying that these workouts are easy! I've definitely fallen down a few times, and not been able to work out occasionally because of different reasons. As I mentioned before I don't have a scale at home to check my weight and I unfortunately didn't take any pictures of myself when I started this journey to become a healthier me; but I do have my clothes! The skirts that were tight on me are now loose and the tops that my stomach bulged out in are now almost flat, I'm not at my goal yet and I still have a long way to go. But the most important thing to remember is NEVER GIVE UP! Even if you fall a hundred times, ALWAYS get back up! Stay fit, stay healthy, stay you! 🙂 #youarethedifference

  5. Do you think I would burn fat doing it 3 times a week? I eat sweets sometimes in weekends but I will cut it, and I drink more water and eat last meal 3h before going to sleep.

  6. Hi Emi! I was just wondering what your workout schedule is ? I workout 6x a week and I'm trying to get on track with eating better but I need a workout schedule to stick with weekly. If you don't mind me asking what do you do ? What workouts of yours burn the most calories for weight loss ?

  7. so i’ve been having a set back for like 3 months, fell sick and had to stop doing hiit. Today i started doing it again with a new resolution in mind, and i remember it was pretty easy back when i was really fit that i could even do 2 hours of hiit , but after a long time not doing it, istg it feels like i’m dying and it’s so hard but i feel so good right after! your video always make me come back emi! keep on inspiring people and thank you for inspiring me💞

  8. Why do the back exercises make me wanna throw my whole body into a blender??
    Also after each exercise, I flopped on the ground like a sack of potatoes. ALL IN ALL… I finished it though 😍😍👏👏👏

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