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  1. 40 second work / 20 second test

    Run on spot
    Ab stretch crunch
    Mountain climbers
    Single leg bicycle crunches
    Up-down plank

    Repeat 3 times

  2. Excellent workout, quick and effective. Love every single Joe Weeks videos on YouTube, who needs the extra time and expense of the gym when you have access to these. If you haven’t tried them what you waiting for! Go smash it πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ–

  3. Just added this to my faves. A great all rounder except I can't do burpees very well so I squat/lunge jump instead. Like the side planks at the end too. As an older bird (46) new to this exercise malarkey, doing these hiits 4-5 times a week has improved my core, legs & arms immensely in just a few weeks. So thank you.

  4. woke this morning draggin arse, did this video and am now feeling energized and motivated for the day. appreciate these videos being so easy to access! thank ya kindly:)

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