Quick HIIT Workout – Indoor Cycling Training

Train like a boss with a high intensity interval training session on the famous Col du Soller in Mallorca. Subscribe to GCN and never miss another session: …

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  1. Hi GCN I'm looking for your 20min fat burning HIIT session. It had a 3 min warm up 5 min HIIT 4 min rest 5 min HIIT 3 min cool down. The video is just gone.

  2. What is the purpose of this workout. Is this a threshold workout? What are the gains compared with some of the other workouts on this channel? I use spin bike as base endurance training for other sports.

  3. Loving my bike.>>>ur2.pl/1144 It was quite easy to assemble, no issues at all. I followed a YouTube video about assembling it and that helped a lot. Only small issue is that moving it around is a bit of a drag because you can only bend the bike to a certain angle to be able to move the bike around, which to me isn't the best angle since i have to be constantly moving it. Wish the wheel was a bit larger or situated further back so one could bend it further out and make it easier to move around. Other than that, i have no issues.

  4. Before this video: pshhhh 10- minute workout? that's nothing zzzzzz
    10 minutes later, after this video: dripping in sweat from head to toe, catching my breathe, sore glutes I need electrolytes, a shower, and a nap

  5. Guys, this is dope!! love this HIIT training after doing weight training (upper body). Will be eternally grateful if you manage to do another one, similar length…just so I avoid getting bored of the same video every week πŸ™‚ but still, I love this!! thank you!

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