15 min NO JUMPING Full Body Fat Burning Workout | QUIET CARDIO HIIT

New Workout for fat burning! It’s apartment friendly so you can do this No Jumping Full Body HIIT at home without disturbing your family / neighbours – enjoy! xx …

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  1. Thank you so much for these kind of videos! You have no idea how I appreciate this– I’ve always wanted to work out but, i’m afraid of my parents making fun of me. I’m going to start tomorrow, goodluck for me!

  2. I just finished this workout and I discovered a way to make the 15th exercise even harder! Today I did most of the lying down exercises in this video on a bed because I don't have a mat currently and so being on the bed less intensifies some of them, so, in order to make it harder on myself for the 15th exercise I challenged myself to put both of my hands behind my head like in the ab bikes move instead of supporting my body by putting on forearm down to support myself. This definitely made a HUGE difference and totally made my abs burn! In fact, I finished the workout almost 5 minutes ago and my abs are still sore! No pain not gain Emi!

  3. it would help if you could explain how to do the workout during the 15 second rest. Love your workouts but find myself missing at least 20-25 seconds of the 45 seconds trying to understand how to do the workout. cheers

  4. Omg that's was sooo difficult I thought I clicked on the 15mins hiit and this so much harder than the 45mins one ! I wasn't ready I'm feeling like I did everything wrong, I couldn't even do the plank side touch X) Still a nice workout though, thank you

  5. great videos thank you! but could show what we will be doing next during the 15 second rest?
    it will help to know what's coming next and what the next move entails. At the moment, i have to watch what you do then rewind which kinds of break the momentum of the workout. Thanks

  6. iam pretty unfit and ust tried this – looks easy, but is intense, now that i tried it for the first time! 😉 perfect 15min workout that you can do maybe once in the morning, once at night. will give it a try for the next week or so! thank you!

  7. Finally a workout that has a longer break!! HIIT videos I've seen so far have such short 5-10 second breaks and I end up having sloppy posture as time goes on from being so tired

  8. Wish you could show demonstrations before the move begins 🙁 I end stopping to see what you do and I have to replay to start again

  9. I haven't exercised regularly in so long that this workout seriously kicked my ass! but I'll be coming back because I also haven't felt this good in a long time 💪

  10. I love your “no jumping” videos! They are the only work out I can keep up with, because I live with a roommate and I don’t want to disturb.. keep doing that! Love you ❤️

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