45 Minute Tabata Cardio HIIT Workout No Equipment – Bodyweight HIIT Full Body Workout at Home

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  1. Absolutely superb workouts!!!! Both of you are such an inspiration!!! Hands down the best workouts I’ve ever come across. Please keep up the good work!!! Follower for life right here!!!💪🏼😘

  2. I love love love loved this workout. Fast paced, fun and sweaty. Sweat is only fat’s tears…I think I read that on one of ur workouts. I slso read that on webmd. Anyway, ur cardio workouts r the bomb. Didn’t waste an hour…as I just did 30 minutes of ur back workout. Thanks! If ppl out there haven’t decided to chip in on patreon, please do! HASfit is so much cheaper than the gym plus trainer AND the workouts work. I’m off to my mommy stuff….happy day!

  3. Holy S___ Guys! At the beginning, I thought, “this isn’t so bad”. My mistake! Kicked my butt! You guys have awesome workouts! I’m with you every day. I recommend to anyone who wants a really good no BS workout.

  4. hello thank you for this very good work out.I have one question i am an intermediate person and my apple watch show 298 calories at the end???
    Any advise?

    Thank you very much

  5. I'm 56 and I do nothing but HIIT and I have been using your videos for a while and just training with the coach and Claudia I feel like 20 but you keep up the good work and I tell my younger co workers

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