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  1. I just finished this workout and sweat more than I ever have. I felt amazing and strong afterward. I've come really far with the help of popsugar fitness videos and Anna's inspirational positive attitude. I just gotta exercise more often which I am ready to do now. But I've lost 20 pounds so far with the help of these videos, writing down what I am eating, and having a more healthy mindset. Thank you Anna and Popsugar.

  2. Awesome workout but my god the girl doing the modifications seemed SO unenthused. Honestly, I like to start with the modifications when I try a new workout and she had me feeling so uninspired. Switch her out 👎🏼 thumbs down

  3. oh lord the obliques exercises were KILLING ME, but I love them! I had to take breaks, but I want to include them in my everyday workouts! Great workout!

  4. Loved this. A shorter work out (being only 20 minutes verse the 30-45 I've been doing) but man did I work up sweat and was sucking wind almost the whole time! Thanks Anna and team for an awesome work out!

  5. Oh wow what a great routine! I only had 20 mins today so this was perfect. I cried at the end and I dont even know why!!! I pushed myself and did ALL the star jumps im so proud of myself, I didnt know I could do them! Thank you anna and popsugar. You dont know how much I appreciate you/ this channel. I am happier and healthier <3

  6. Woah! This thing popped up when i was looking for a workout. And god had i made a mistake playing one! I was glad to finish it though! Brutal workout for me ! Because i just did one of those brutal hiit workouts of fitness blender ! And now this…. Phew! But i love you pop sugar… Very refreshing and energising

  7. I appreciate you talking through because I tend to focus too much on one exercise and I forget to look up to move onto the next, so thank you for talking through! Also, I love the cool down at the end 👍

  8. One of my favorite workout from POPSUGAR Fitness, simple yet challenging. Thankyou POPSUGAR Fitness, already lose a few kilos (or pounds) because of your workout videos.

  9. This is my 20th day in a row doing a PopSugar work out! I love them… really gets a sweat on and all are totally different.. this on has been my favourite as I loved the HIIT and some yoga poses as well

  10. This workout is in my favorites and it has been a while since doing it. Feeling great. I can go on with the rest of my long, long long work day. Burning calories.

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