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  1. I have a meniscus tear in the left knee, bulging disc in the back, rotator cuff in right shoulder. I used to work out three hours a day and easily rode my bicycle as much as 25 miles in one trip. Then the injuries, pains and age came in and now I'm out of shape, overweight and even the warm up is a challenge. Having a standing exercise, where the instructor repeatedly encourages you to work at your own pace and listen to your body is wonderful. My only go to workout. My timer is set for 9:30 every morning.

  2. I had the worst cold and cough last week but I am back to keep doing the January Jump Start 2019. I love this one — it is basic and the instructions are clear and I didn't have to make any modifications for my disabilities. Of course I want to get my weight to a healthier level but most importantly I want to get my body stronger and work on getting my blood pressure to a healthier level as well. A lot of my physical health issues are in my lower body so these walking type workouts are already helping me!

  3. I had to take Thursday and Friday off for the 2019 January Challenge, so I'm a bit behind for my first week as I started it on Sunday. For a HIIT workout, I loved this one! Not too crazy of intervals, and I even did the higher intensity moves! Since I got off a day, perhaps I'll still do the stretching routines tomorrow and start my Week 2 on Monday! Then I won't be off on days with the rest of the group doing this challenge!

  4. Hah, Jessica kicked my butt today 😂 According to my fitbit, I burned 236 calories; 13 minutes peak heart, 12 minutes cardio. I did the beginner moves. Thanks for making the videos for beginners!

  5. I have lost 75 pounds doing weight watchers and walking. I'm a 45 year old woman and after being that much overweight it had its affect on my knees and I cant do aerobics and cardio wheel I have to jump or land on my feet because it hurts my knees. I was searching for cardio workouts for people with bad knees and came across your video and in so glad I found it. I was able to keep up with this and I'm excited to see what you're other videos are. Thank you!

  6. Amo seus vídeos, me ajudaram a perder muito peso. Mas deixei de fazer atividade fisica (exercicios e caminhadas) e depois de 3 anos voltei a engordar. Mas estou decidida a emagrecer e mudar. E aqui estou eu outra vez kkkk… Grande abraço 💗

  7. FINALLY an actual workout series thats actually for complete beginners. some of the workout routines on here are far too hard for someone who hasn't done this kind of workout before. thank you!!!!!

  8. I've been doing this work out for three weeks and today after jogging on the spot during the 'active rest' periods I've decided I need to find another one that's more intense. I've noticed not only and improvement in my cardio but also balance and flexibility and I never felt like cheating and skipping a day. I also haven't had a back ache since starting. I think I will always come back to this one for my rest days as it is perfect for getting myself moving and loosen up.

  9. At 345 lbs (probably weigh less since I been on keto for a week). This is challenging. I haven't worked out in years but with this and my diet, I am sure I will get result a bit quicker. It was hard finding a truly low intensity workout that was still "HIIT". Thank You for this! ^_^

  10. Jessica, you are the best trainer there is if not the greatest. You make me enjoy exercise. I'm trying to guide myself back to a healthy weight and it has been a difficult, painfully ardous journey. No one provides a better or more accessible instruction. Thank you for your work. You give me so much hope!

  11. I have a severe knee injury. Tore my acl, menisucs is worn and ligament is torn knee is unstable waiting for surgery. Alot of workoits i cant do so this is great. Espically with the knee pain

  12. Did this one after a 30 minute strength training with dumbbells and a 20 minute bodyweight session. Feel great. Not sure if suppose to do the cardio before or after strength training.

  13. Hey, I'm new! I liked your vid! Do you have HIIT interval trainings for persons with back and knee pain? I did your 2 10 minutes vids with back and knee issues and this beginner hiit one after another. I LIKED IT SO MUCH! I do 2-3 times a week also weight lifting (modified for my knee and back). What do you think is this enough (2 times a week) to loose 15 kilogramms in 3-4Months? (33lbs)

  14. Im confused as to how you’re supposed to log this onto my fitness pal as calisthenics. There’s only two options for calisthenics in the app. There’s calisthenics push-ups and sit ups vigorous effort and calisthenics at home light effort. Which one is this?

  15. So happy to find a HIIT that doesn't expect me to from standing to floor to standing to floor…etc. I can't do that. And I have to do low impact due to my knee. Thank you so much. I'm in a weight loss challenge and if I lose what I said I would, I win a hefty bet. Thank you.

  16. THANK YOU so much for these videos, I have been following you for years!  One comment I love the walk and talk videos and one thing that has helped me as a procrastinator is to have a few favorite exercises that can get me in the mood to exercise!  Doing these helps me realize, I did these, I can do more!  Thanks again

  17. Perfect for when you've fallen out of working out and want to jump back in. Hard enough to break a sweat at points, but the moves are easy enough to keep you from feeling discouraged.

  18. thank you just what i needed 🙂 nice and gentle but works those areas i don't get to when i go to the gym, and i don't feel i am competing with others; and is great to be able to get back into walking exercises since having had plantar fascitis and recovering from it 🙂

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