10 Minute Bodyweight Fat Torching HIIT Workout

10 Minute Bodyweight Fat Torching HIIT Workout! Live Lean Nation, on today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m taking you to Central Park, NYC with me for a 10 …

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  1. I do workouts like this with clients that have vastly different fitness levels, so for some this might be considered HIIT, for me personally, ill prob do more intense drills in combination with lower intensity drills, mainly to add variation and the dynamic of workout smaller and often neglected muscle groups for balance and coordination to the workout.. all in all, i actually like this video! Good work!

  2. intensity doesnt neccesarily mean speed in a workout , so many people in the comments being crtitics but this is a explanatory video. im sure he doesnt do it how it was shown

  3. I personally would be 95% more likely to do these workouts with you as you are doing them in real-time. Besides that, I'm also comforted to know that even super-fit guys like you start to lose their breath too. It lets me know it is not supposed to be easy and it helps keep me going to do them in full versus a quick summary video of what to do, whereas I'd try one or two of the workouts. I hope there are more of these on your channel. Will have to search for them later. Thank you for this very helpful workout video, Brad.

  4. awesome vid, great for an anytime workout, plus working alongside you and you being outdoors gives you a little extra motivation, thanks for taking to time to make this.

  5. hey guys when i first saw this vid i was hating on this dude but now ive seen more of his vids i think hes amazing and gives great tips. Sorry i take it back LLT kicks ass im now a member.

  6. I love this workout but I live in an old house with wood floors so I can't do anything like jumping or running inside in the mornings (rocks the whole housr). What can I replace the high knees and the burpee type exercise toward the end with??

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