Monster Monday At-Home HIIT Workout: FYR: Hannah Eden's 30 Day Fitness Plan by RSP

Check out FYR: Hannah Eden’s 30-Day Fitness Plan, the new program along with RSP Nutrition. The program is unique, intense, and can be done at home.

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  2. Just my opinion, but I personally would have preferred a workout routine with education given to your viewing audience on everything from proper technique to nutrition vs listening to all your expletives. Your mouth is comparative to that of a sailor and I for one do not need "I am so f$%&*ing sweaty" to get me motivated.

  3. Is it wrong to say I am in love!! Lol…she is amazing, keeps it real, drops some profanity, plus orchestrated a great workout! I could have totally seen her as a Wildling on Game of Thrones…lol, her accent, no nonsense attitude, and just sheer physical beauty!

  4. 2nd day down! I love this.! You literally push me to keep going. I feel right next to my hear 👂🏼 telling me to keep going! I love it! Thank you for this. And thank you for the shout out in my IG- kikaxoxx ❤️

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