Advanced fat burning HIIT cardio workout – 30 mins. Transform your body in just 10 weeks and take part in the entire Body Project system! Or simply come and join the conversation at …

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  1. I love all Body Project workouts but this one and the complete cardio are my favorites. Not a single boring set. I feel proud of myself every time I finish them.

    As what the trainer says "these are tough". But always "keep pushing". 😊

  2. Hi… Body project… I'm doing this exercise daily… I have one doubt…. Pls reply me sir…. Which diet I follow and how many calories I take daily Pls reply me sir

  3. I love that this workout stays interesting and isn’t repetitive. I’ve been doing it off and on (I mix this with Body Project’s other workouts) for a few months, and it’s been great to see and feel the progress I’ve made! I love all their workouts! I’m going to start to add ankle weights and hand weight gloves to add some challenge to this one now that my body is being conditioned better. Thanks for these vids!

  4. I did their Cardio Starter last month, and although I wasnt overweight but only wanted to tone my body a bit I was able to lose almost 7 lbs. Im transferring to this exercise to see better results!

  5. I love this man. The workout is fast, effective and not boring. The exceptionally pretty girls dont squeal or do anything annoying like those on many other exercise programs. It's a good alternative or addition to Grit strength and Grit cardio.

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