45 Minute HIIT & Total body Toning Tabata Workout – High Intensity Interval Training Workout

How often to do this routine, how to combine it with our other videos, & all other information about this Fitness Blender HIIT & Total body Toning Tabata Workout …

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  1. I did this for a month, from march 22 2019 until today. Before I'm 50 kg, 4'11 height with waist of 33 inches (which is alarming!)…
    I exercise 5x a week and rest day of 2 days. I do this workout plus 20 min toned lean arms workout with dumbbell (1 kg each) 3x a week and another video from fitness blender called fat burning cardio plus 30 min zumba for 2x a week.. Alternating them. Now I only have 46 kg with 30 inches of waist! Lost 4 kg in one month..

    Before this workout I'm a sedentary person with school and home routine only. Thanks fitness blender!! I will incorporate more of your exercise and hopefully lost more inches to my waist!

    EDIT: I count my calories and eat 1000-1300 calories a day. cutting back on my rice! (asian here!)

    I still can't do proper push ups 🙁

  2. I love this couple. Their videos helps me a lot to get in shape and become more stronger. Most of their 1000 Cal. Workout videos are in my play list and I do 3 times a week and cardio strength work outs. You guys are awesome. I can't thank you enough. I actually made a video of my transformation, and any support would be appreciated.

  3. Wow! That was crazy intense! I had a bad week last week of eating poorly and not as much exercise as normal. I wanted to start out this week with some hard work – and yeah, this did it! Phew!

  4. Kel you're amazing, you never seem to perspire. I am drenched & I couldn't do those toe touch crunches. What really surprised me were the planks, I generally find them quite easy (2 min holds) but 8*20 seconds is just as tough if not harder. Thx and TCFN.

  5. As long as it is an exercise where u are standing up, i do an active 10sek rest (jog in place) to get more out of it. Their workouts are so fun and exausting. I did the 1000kcal workout the other day and i killed it. I am seeing a lot of results in my whole body. With a good diet u are really able to get a sexy and toned body with their workouts. So stay motivated and enjoy the sweat u guys 🙂

  6. Those burpees being first really scared me for what was to come in the rest of the video, but thankfully it was doable. I like that this incorporated some arms and abs because I feel like a lot of full body workouts are mostly legs, thank you for another great video!

  7. This is amazing! Thank you! I have a hard time gaining weight so I'm trying to start body building. Will this prep me better for weight training? What other non fat burning vids do you recommend me watch for physique? Also, how often should I be doing this today for prepping, 1, 2?

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