15 Minute HIIT Metabolism Booster – Total Body and Abs HIIT Workout

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  1. Late to the party but I just did this. Ran out of breath 1 minute in but managed to mostly complete it. I may have taken a couple more breaks in there. I feel like these are evil Navy Seal punishment exercises. I'll do a few more sessions and see what happens.

  2. okay so i did this and first of all the minute long blank triggered me when it kept beeping but wasn’t over yet that wasn’t the best way to end it i feel like it should have been something standing

  3. Mon dieu toute cette torture pour à peine 185 calories:( ..
    En tt cas excellente vidéo merci coach !
    P.s.j'ai commencé le hiit il y a deux semaines mais j'ai pris du poids est-ce normal??

  4. Nice one. I do this almost every time I’m not in the gym and need a pump. It’s easy to follow and I don’t need to pause it and restart every time. Thank yoi

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