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  1. One way to do it:
    Do this every day
    In the Morning and at Night

    Other way to do it:
    Do HIIT Training one day in the morning and before going to bed and the next day Lift in the morning and before you go to bed

    For Example:
    Monday=HIIT Training
    Wednesday= HIIT Training
    Thursday= Lift
    Friday= HIIT Training
    Saturday= Rest

    just putting this out there cuz there's a bunch of mfs saying that they're method works but don't explain their routine and it's annoying when you don't have an idea on where how to start it off

    Don't just say that it helped you out

    Help others while you're at it bitch

  2. Like ten minutes before I did this I put coconut oil and lotion on my feet Bc they were dry and I was slipping everywhere 😂😂 idk how many times I fell doing a plank and the mat jumps

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