From Weight Loss to Life Lessons: The Physical and Mental Benefits of Working Out and Playing Sports

High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is one way of adding a bit of diversity to our usual workouts. Sports, just like HIIT workouts, can also be a fun and exciting way to add a splash of variety to our weight loss routines. However, we also have to consider a particular undertaking that will inspire us to look forward to the next game, and the next, and all the succeeding games. In addition, we need to think about how we’ll approach this – whether or not we’ll be competitive – in order to make the most of our mission to lose weight and improve our fitness. Take tennis, for instance.

Compared to most games, tennis is a start-stop-start-stop kind of sport. Many movements performed in tennis games are similar to HIIT exercises. If we’re specifically thinking about weight loss and conditioning improvements, on paper, this doesn’t fall under the categories. We still have to incorporate functional training. Essentially, the best exercise or sport for these demands constant movements, which in turn burns calories, for a sustained period of time. But this isn’t to say that tennis doesn’t do wonders to our bodies.

Tennis Tips for Weight Loss

Now that we’ve cleared the air, it’s time to focus on how the sport can help us lose weight. First off, it’s important to play with someone who’s equally passionate about the sport, and also has the same goals as us. If we’re not on par with a friend or a family member or any other tennis buddy, The Telegraph suggests different ways on how to deal with it. Also, using a ball machine during solo workouts helps a lot in terms of practicing our swing and ensuring a sustained period of activity. We can even do this against the wall. On the other hand, if we’re playing with someone, it’s sensible to use just one ball. Yes, it can be a drag running around after a loose ball every time it goes out of the play, but in the long run, this can be a good cardio workout as well.

Tennis and its Fitness Advantages

It doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old; tennis and fitness go hand in hand. Amy Schlinger from Self Magazine writes a sample exercise routine specifically developed for athletes by renowned strength and conditioning coach, Tim Hartwig. The routine features a total body workout that targets specific areas throughout the body beneficial for every athlete of every sport. As for the actual game, tennis improves our anaerobic and aerobic fitness, helping us burn fat in the process. Aside from this, it develops our speed, thanks to all the constant side-to-side, front-and-back movements on the court. Lastly, playing tennis helps improve our flexibility and coordination, key aspects that underline a great athlete.

Why Tennis is Actually a Solid Overall Workout

Other than the physical benefits of playing tennis, there’s also the mental side of things. By starting out young, we acquire particular qualities that have a hand in molding us for the future. Play Your Court offer some advice to people unsure of whether it will help their children develop in certain ways. They state that it will help to develop “sportsmanship, self discipline, and independence.” In other words, we absorb life lessons that reach beyond the borders of a tennis court, a football field, or a wrestling mat. For adults, social sports – like tennis – can double up as a social outlet, combining a form of exercise or a hobby and a vehicle to meet people or grow our networks.


All in all, whether we choose to play individual sports such as tennis and wrestling, or team games like football and basketball, or try out HIIT classes, we can be sure to embrace the overall benefits of each as long as we approach training the right way. From the physical factors to the mental advantages, the weight loss to the life lessons, engaging in sports – and other similar endeavours – puts us in a better position to be ready for whatever comes in the future.