The Best HIIT Weight Training Workout to Get You Shredded

HIIT Weight Training Workouts

Looking for a way to combine cardio while still giving your muscles a workout? Then you need to try these HIIT weight training workouts! They combine the benefits of interval training as well as weightlifting to provide you with the most results in the shortest amount of time.

Stay away from the typical “I want to lose weight, so I’ll do hours of cardio” mindset. This is not only one of the least effective ways to lose fat but it’s also incredibly boring. HIIT is the way to go for fat loss, which has been proven in numerous studies.

However, keep in mind that these HIIT weight training workout should not replace your whole weightlifting routine. The point of these HIIT workouts is to burn tons of calories and reap the benefits of HIIT. Therefore, we use lighter weights than normal and won’t be exhausting and overloading your muscles (which is what your weightlifting routine is for). So you still need a regular weight lifting routine to maintain and grow your muscle while incorporating HIIT which will help tremendously in fat loss. And you should also construct a solid HIIT workout regimen in order to progressively overload your workouts and prevent reaching fat loss plateaus.


**Before we get started, I highly suggest that you watch the video below. It will show you EXACTLY how you’re supposed to perform HIIT and how to progressively overload it (which is something you need to do!) in order to avoid fat loss plateaus and enable you to continuously lose fat. Many people don’t perform HIIT in a way that will maximize its effectiveness (through hormonal release, EPOC, etc.), which is why so many people fail to get down to 10% body fat despite doing tons of HIIT. So I thought I’d make an effort to clear that up. If you enjoyed the video, please give it a like and subscribe!

Now lets get to the workouts!

For this workout, you will have a work interval of 30 seconds followed by a 1 minute rest interval. Perform the movement/exercise as many times as possible within the 30 second work interval. You must push yourself (ideally between 85%-95% of your max heart rate) during the work intervals to reap the benefits of HIIT. During the rest intervals I suggest you walk around (actively rest) rather than sit down.

The Workout:

1 – Clean and Press: Squat down with the dumbbells by your side, then using the power of your legs lift them over your head on the way up.

hiit weight training clean and press

2 – Renegade Row: Get into pushup position but with a dumbbell in each hand. While keeping your core tight, pull one dumbbell to your side then back down. Alternate arms and repeat.

hiit weight training renegade row

3 – Lunges with bicep curls: Perform an alternating lunge with a dumbbell in each hand. Curl the dumbbells using your biceps when you reach the bottom of the lunge position.

hiit weight training alternating lunge

4 – Burpees: We’ll add these in to burn some more calories and get your heart pumping.

hiit weight training burpees

5 – Lunge and press: Perform alternating lunges while keeping a weighted bar or dumbbells up at chest level. Lift the weight up over your head as you come back from your lunge into the starting position.

hiit weight training lunge and press

6 – Front Plank: We’ll finish this circuit off with some core work. Make sure you activate your core throughout the 30 second plank. This is a great exercise to not only just burn calories but it also helps develop your core and adonis belt.

front plank hiit weight training

If you’re a little more advanced for this workout, then I suggest you check out these high-intensity workouts which are a lot more vigorous and require a solid cardiovascular base.

There you have it! Remember to push yourself as hard as possible during the 30 second work intervals. After you complete a round, rest for 2 minutes then start the whole round again. Perform 4-5 rounds of this circuit for a whole workout. Enjoy!

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