My name is Jeremy. Ever since I was a kid I’ve wanted to achieve the aesthetic physiques I’d see in magazines and Hollywood blockbusters. I remember thinking that if I just do enough pushups or workout hard enough then eventually I’ll get there.

But gradually I learned that this couldn’t be further from the truth. I learned the harsh reality that most of the physiques I’d been admiring were achievable only because of the use of performance-enhancing drugs. And those who didn’t use drugs often had elite genetics that enabled them to achieve amazing physiques at a young age quite easily.

Unfortunately for me, and similarly for many of you out there, I was not blessed with amazing genetics and I refuse to use any drugs to “cheat” my way there. I have never, and will never use steroids. I’ve always believed in achieving my dream physique naturally without the use of steroids. I’ve always had an extremely skinny physique which made it extremely difficult for me to put on any weight. But I didn’t let this stop me.

With years of trial-and-error and research I’ve learned exactly what works best and what doesn’t work in terms of building muscle and losing fat. I’ve learned how to get closer to my dream physique without the use of drugs, and I’ve helped countless others achieve their dream physique with the same methodology.

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I’ve also learned that you can’t take advice from anyone. Just because someone has the physique that you want doesn’t mean they’ll be able to help you achieve it. You’d be surprised at how many guys out there are taking performance-enhancing drugs yet lying about it, meaning that you absolutely cannot follow their training methodology and expect to achieve the same results without the use of drugs! And the same idea applies to those with elite genetics.

My goal is bring a more scientific and research-backed approach to the fitness industry and weed out the b.s. and “bro-science” that the industry is full of at the moment. The way I train is based on countless hours of research of peer-reviewed studies and trial-and-error. I’m now a certified personal trainer and Kinesiologist, and fitness has become my passion. But I want to bring you back to where my journey first started, when I first stepped into the weight room.


First Year of Training:

When I first started training at around 16/17 years old, my main goal was to put some size on my skinny 120lb frame. I did a little bit of research online and came to the conclusion that I simply wasn’t eating enough. So I started “dirty bulking”, drinking gallons of milk everyday, and basically eating as much as I could. I had no set workout routine and was basically doing anything and everything at the gym.

Although my main lifts were getting stronger and I was finally gaining weight, I had no “order” in my overall plan. I remember reading something about “confusing your muscle” to get bigger, so I implemented this by doing different exercises every single time I worked out a muscle group. Needless to say this gave me good intense workouts but didn’t provide much to show for it.

After about a year of doing this I finally gained around 30-40lbs and my main lifts were actually decent, but I put on a lot of fat as well. I also reached a point where I was no longer gaining muscle or getting much stronger despite eating tons of food and gaining weight – I was simply just gaining more fat.

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Next 1-2 Years of Training:

I figured that it was time I finally try to lose my fat and get below 10% body fat. I tried EVERYTHING (or so I thought)! My approach was to basically do as much cardio as I could, lift lighter weights with more reps, and cut out ALL my carbs. I remember being at school and feeling guilty for the rest of the day because I’d eat a small piece of candy a friend would offer me. I was probabaly eating around 1000 calories a day. And clearly this didn’t work. I was so frustrated because I was doing everything I was taught to do yet I wasn’t seeing results. I wanted sub-10% body fat yet I was nowhere near achieving that.

Despite my struggles I persevered and decided to create a workout and diet plan based on the conclusions/findings of peer-reviewed studies rather than following the advice of steroid-users or friends I had with elite genetics. I also decided to get my personal training certificate and attend University to get my degree in Kinesiology which helped me gain the skill of weaving through studies, assessing their credibility, and ultimately seeing if there were any solid results found that I could implement.

Next 1-2 Years of Training (to Current):

This allowed me to take my physique to the next level. I was finally able to get under 10% body fat, and I’ve gained a lot of muscle and improved my physique tremendously in a short amount of time.

hiit workout plan after photo


hiit workout plan after photos

Keep in mind that the “journey” I’ve explained is VERY vague and I’ve struggled with so many other things that I haven’t listed. But the most important thing is that I learned what works and what doesn’t throughout my years of struggling. I now use a very detailed and research-backed approach to gaining weight and losing fat that has helped me tremendously and it’s helped my clients finally take their physique to the next level. I’ll call it “my philosophy” and briefly explain it below.


My philosophy when it comes to training is simple yet based on years of trial-and-error and in depth analysis of research regarding the topic. It’s exactly what allowed me to take my physique to the next level, and it’s what enables me to continuously drastically improve my physique every year.


Every year I focus on going through a “lean bulk” that usually lasts around 6-7 months (typically throughout winter and fall). This allows me to put on a decent amount of muscle every year without leaving me with an excessive amount of fat that I’ll have to lose to get lean during the summer.

Throughout my lean bulk there are a few key points I follow that allow it to be so effective:

  • Track my calories & macros to ensure I’m hitting a 250 caloric surplus over maintenance calories (allows me to gain ~2.5lbs/month)
  • Focus on progressive overload: Getting stronger every single week, whether it be adding reps or weight, and I focus mainly on getting stronger on key compound lifts however I do make an effort to get stronger on isolation/accessory exercises as well
  • Focus on using 1-2 compound lifts per workout session, and I do the EXACT SAME workout routine for ~3-4 months before switching anything
  • I place a very high emphasis on choosing exercises that maximally activate my muscles (exercises that I can contract my muscles best with) – even if this means switching out a compound exercise for an isolation exercise
  • These key points are what allow me to add pounds of muscle onto my body every single year, whereas most lifters in the gym gain very little (if any) muscle despite years of training. Keep in mind that this is a VERY brief overview of my “philosophy” – there are countless other key points I follow and so many things I’ve tweaked over the years as well, but I’ll discuss them in articles and Youtube videos.


After I’ve reached the end of my lean bulk, I lean down to sub-10% body fat for the summer. Getting down to the single digit body fat level (from ~15% after a lean bulk) takes me around 3-4 months to do so.

Throughout this phase there are a few key points I follow:

  • Start with ~20% caloric deficit and slowly decrease my calories until I reach my desired body fat (however I never go below 1800-1900 calories)
  • Place a key emphasis on performing HIIT as the bulk of my cardio sessions, and I gradually increase my cardio session durations (I mainly used cycling, rowing, and sprinting as my forms of HIIT but other forms such as HIIT in the form of weight training are effective as well)
  • Progressively overload using a well-constructed HIIT workout routine in order to prevent fat loss plateaus
  • I often also do intermittent fasting (16 hours fast, 8 hours eating window) and try to get my cardio done while in my fasted state
  • Incorporate reseed days 1-2x per week as I get to very low body fat levels and fat loss starts to plateau
  • Focus on maintaining my strength as much as possible in all my workouts

Similarly to phase 1, I’ve left out TONS of other key points and details that one must follow in order to achieve single digit body fat. It’s not easy but it’s definitely worth it.


If you’re like most people you’ve been training at the gym for a few years now yet have achieved average results. You’re probably not even close to where to your ideal physique yet. And it frustrates you. I’ve been in the exact same place.

But I now understand EXACTLY what it takes to bring your physique to the next level. And what I mean by bring your physique to the next level is putting that extra 10-20lbs of muscle on your body, or finally getting to sub-10% body fat. I’m not saying that it’s easy, but if you follow a strategic research-backed approach and are consistent with it, then you will get there. Trust me.

I am working on creating an approach/in-depth program that you guys can follow and eventually I’ll put it up on the site once it’s complete. For the meantime, read my articles for some help and subscribe to my Youtube channel where I’ll be putting up valuable information!