“HIIT is the hardest thing you’ll ever do, yet the most rewarding. Let me help you get the body you never thought was possible.”

I’m Jeremy and I’m a certified personal trainer, Kinesiologist, and HIIT workout enthusiast. I believe that every person can, and should, achieve the body of their dreams. We’re only here once, why wouldn’t you give it your best shot to see what your body is truly capable of?

Ever since I was a kid I’ve had a passion for sports and fitness and I’ve always wanted to achieve the “model” physique I’d see on TV. But as a kid I was extremely skinny and it seemed like I couldn’t gain weight regardless of how much I would eat. After doing some research online, I figured that I simply wasn’t eating enough (which I didn’t think was possible at the time). So I started “dirty bulking”, drinking gallons of milk everyday, and basically eating as much as I could. After a while, I did gain weight and muscle but guess what else I put on? Fat! And lots of it.

I solved my first problem of gaining weight and putting on some muscle. Now my next problem was losing the fat I had gained and getting that lean and “shredded” look. This was definitely the hard part. I tried EVERYTHING (almost everything)! Hours of cardio, intermittent fasting, slowly lowering my calories, etc. Below are some pictures of my conditioning at this point.

hiit workout plan before

Now I did manage to lose a decent amount of fat but I could never get down below 10% body fat to the point where I had a clear visible six pack and still maintained a decent amount of muscle. This was until I found out about HIIT. Once I started incorporating HIIT into my routine, I quickly noticed that the “stubborn” parts of my body that would hold onto fat were burning off. I also noticed that my strength did not decrease much even though I was losing weight. Below are some pictures of when I began to incorporate HIIT into my workout routine, and where I’m currently at today.

hiit workout plan after photo


hiit workout plan after photos

As you can see I became much leaner while maintaining (and even increasing) my muscle mass. Keep in mind that this didn’t happen overnight, and it wasn’t easy. HIIT is a very hard yet extremely rewarding method to fat loss, and is main method I use to get rid of those “stubborn” parts of fat on my body. But know that HIIT alone is not enough for rapid fat loss, you need to be incorporating all the fundamentals of losing weight as well (high protein, caloric deficit, etc.).

Why HIIT Your Body?

Throughout the process I became a certified personal trainer and Kinesiologist. Helping others achieve the body of their dreams has become my passion, and HIIT is how I do it. I’ve found it the most effective way to lose stubborn fat and you can incorporate it into your workout routine regardless of your age or experience. I started HIIT Your Body to share my methods and to change lives of people all around the world.

I hope you enjoy my content, and if you have any questions or comments feel free to email me through the “contact us” page on the site.

If you’re willing to work harder than you ever have before to achieve the body of your dreams, then I can help you.